About Us

We are just ordinary peoples with less writing experience (and with bad English too) who still stammered in anything about information technology.  Therefore we need to learn more to fill up our empty heads with knowledge and then share every single thing we’ve found to each others. Day by day we start losing things what we have 5 or 10 months or maybe years ago along with any new finding.

Sometime we just stuck there trying to recover the things we’ve lost from our head that we need at that moment. It’s happening sometime, when we need them and they’re not there. So, we decided to slowly start to write things so we wont be lost and stuck in the next time we need them, and then.. here we are, welcome to our humble pages.

For any further question, suggestion, topic request or comments please feel free to contact us through the following forms. Also don’t forget to add my  to your Circle.

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