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The easiest way to play stereoscopic 3D movie on computer with non 3D support devices is by converting the video into anaglyph ready 3D movie. This way the video will be playable on all kind of monitor or devices. The Anaglyph quality then depend on how good is the devices produce the right anaglyph color to match the anaglyph glasses.

The problem of stereoscopic player for non anaglyph 3D videos is the software. If you playing a 2D video or Anaglyph ready 3D movie, you have hundreds options of movie player, some are free and rest of them are commercials. While some peoples tend to buy the commercial version of stereoscopic 3D player for their computer, the other prefer for freeware stereoscopic player and the worst part is tend to chose hijacked version of  3D player, which also sometime attached with malware that could harm their computer. In order to avoid using hijacked software you need to know that the freewares for stereoscopic player which is working great and safe are really exists.

Support for stereoscopic 3D video, with a wide variety of input and output formats. Support for multi-display video, e.g. for powerwalls, Virtual Reality installations and other multi-projector setups (Bino3d).

If you prefer for not to install another player you can also configure your popular player into a stereoscopic player. You can see how i tried to play 3D movies with Classic Media Player and worked like a charm for non 1080p videos, today I’ve found an easy way to play stereoscopic 3D movies with a free stereoscopic player which is suitable to play 1080p SBS 3D movie . A free stereoscopic player called Bino who can play wide range stereoscopic videos and support wide variety of output.


Bino support multi platform including Linux, Mac Os and Windows. For an advanced user Bino has a scriptability to execute Bino 3D from console or command line which supported command options. Grab some examples of stereoscopic 3D movies here to see how bino can handle many 3D input and output type.

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  1. labib

    how to make bino player full screen like windows media player?
    please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • M Riza

      Double click the screen will change it to full screen.

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