5 easy ways send picture to WhatsApp chat on Windows PC

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If you run WhatsApp on Windows pc through BlueStacks, you might wondering about how to send picture, photo or other media files from PC to BlueStacks or vice versa. On smartphone, you can only send picture to WhatsApp in 2 ways, that is attachment and export button. You can find attachment button on top right chat window and export button when you browse picture with or use another apps to open or view picture and usually they will also let you export picture using export button.

On default BlueStacks also let you use 2 native method for sending picture, photo or other media files. But you need to know also how to send picture from Windows pc into BlueStacks before you can use it for WhatsApp. Check this out how to send picture to WhatsApp chat on Windows PC.

1. Attachment

I guess everyone one know about this one, sending pictures through attachment button. While chatting on friend or chatting on group, simply press the attach button (clip icon) on the top right WhatsApp chat window. You can choose to attach from 6 source — Gallery, Take Photo, Video, Audio, Location and Contact. Most peoples will chose to select picture from Gallery or Take Photo directly from camera source. But unfortunately on my latest BlueStacks update, camera not working properly, it’s only show a blank black screen — BlueStacks on Windows 7, so my only options is using Gallery. But there are also problems reported from several users about Gallery problem which causing BlueStacks to not responding. So in case you got this problem, you better stay away from Gallery for a while until the BlueStacks team fix the problem and use the next method instead.

attach photo

2. Export Media

You can use this method only if you use 3rd party apps to show or preview image pr picture. For example File broser/explorer or twitter. Those apps usually allow you to export or to share previewed picture into another apps on BlueStacks. On image preview window check for Export or Share button, this will lead you to apps selection to which apps the picture will be shared or exported. WhatsApp will be on the list if you have it installed on BlueStacks.

Share / export photo from 3rd party apps

3. From PC with DropBox

Share pictures, image or any other media files between BlueStacks and PC with Dropbox or similar services. This is one of the most popular method for sending pictures to WhatsApp on Windows PC. Because you can get picture from multiple devices, not only limited to BlueStacks and PC, but you can also send picture from your phone or maybe from many other computers, as long as DropBox installed on those devices. Every time you store files on DropBox, those files will also available to other devices which use the same DropBox account. This service is called cloud storage service, which let you store files on online storage, and you can access to it anywhere. More info about using this method, please read on my other post.

get photo from dropbox

4. From PC Without DropBox

This method using native shared folder on BlueStacks to send picture to WhatsApp from Windows PC. If you don’t know, you can now browse and open Windows Libraries folders directly from BlueStacks for example — My Pictures and My Documents folders. To browse into those folders you need a File Browser or Manager app such as ASTRO File manager or ES File Explorer. Just install this app, and you can start browse into shared folder and then export selected picture into WhatsApp through share/export menu. More detail on exporting without using DropBox please read on this earlier post.

browse to shared folders

5. Drag and drop send picture to WhatsApp

If you don’t know, you can also drag and drop pictures, images, photos or any media files from Windows folder into BlueStacks. This is the most easier way to send picture from PC into WhatsApp. Just drop a picture anywhere on BlueStacks and it will ask you to select for which apps the current picture will be shared.

Drag and Drop photo into BlueStacks

Choose WhatsApp from apps list, and then select a contact or a group. The picture will be sent to selected contact or group. All dragged picture will be save on shared folder — BtSharedFolder.

If you have any other way to send picture from PC into WhatsApp not listed in here, please share it on comments. Have a nice day, happy photo sharing and have fun.

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