Accidentally flip computer screen upside down

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While working with shortcuts i accidentally pressed something which flipped my computer screen upside down. My current computer is an Asus A55V laptop with nVidia Optimus technology. This mean i have 2 vga installed on my laptop — Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 and nVidia Geforce GT 630M.

On normal usage laptop will run with Intel(R) HD Video Graphic Processor, since 3D performance not really necessary on this stage. But when i played a game especially 3D games, nVidia GeForce will take the lead on serving  graphics performance.

nVidia Optimus Dual VGA

There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts i usually use on daily usage and most of them use CTRL and ALT button. For example CTRL+C and CTRL+V for copy and paste. I don’t remember which shortcut was pressed, my computer screen blinking for a few seconds and suddenly the screen flipped upside down.  I thought something went wrong with my monitor, so i immediately reboot the computer using Win+D (show desktop), ALT+F4 (shutdown menu), R (restart) and then Enter. Computer restarted but the screen hasn’t changed at all.

computer screen flipped upside down

Intel(R) HD Graphics Rotating Shortcuts

Anyway after several minutes having headache caused of panic, I’ve finally found the solution. It’s the CTRL+ALT+↑ Key.

CTRL+ALT+↑  = Normal screen.

CTRL+ALT+↓ = Screen flipped upside down (top on the bottom monitor)

CTRL+ALT+← = Screen turned left (top on the left monitor)

CTRL+ALT+→ = Screen turned right (top on the right monitor)

Also there is Rotation menu if we right click on Intel(R)  HD Graphics tray icon, which also has the same effect with CTRL+ALT+ARROW KEYS. Moreover there’s a menu to disable the Hot Keys (shortcuts) so no more shocking flipped screen when you accidentally pressed the wrong shortcut. One more thing, this shortcuts only work on Intel(R) graphics video cards, so not gonna work on ATI or nVidia video cards.

Intel R HD Options

It was funny thought, i was thinking to bring out my laptop to local Asus services center earlier. I was panic, because in the flipped screen mode you can’t really figure out which direction will the cursor go.

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