Alternative media player, stereoscopic 3D on MPC and GOM

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On earlier post you can read about configuring MPC and ffdshow video codec to watch stereoscopic 3D movies. Today we have an alternative way to watch SBS movie as Anaglyph, MPC and GOM as media player 3D. We going to write a short avisynth script, and will use MPC and GOM player to open the script, just like what i did before with MS expression encoder (convert SBS into Anaglyph). Only today, we’re not converting any stereoscopic 3D movies. We just open the script with media player and the 3D movie will be played on it. All we need is a media player that support AVS file (avisynth script) such as Media Player Classic  Home Cinema (MPC) and GOM Player.

Not like before, on earlier post we requires ffdshow raw video codec which is bundled on K-Lite Codec Pack. Now we only need AvisynthPantarheon 3D toolbox and FFmpegSource. Kindly read my earlier post about step-by-step installing Avisynth and Pantarheon if you don’t have them installed.

Installing FFmpegSource

  • Assume you have Avisynth and Pantarheon installed, next download FFmpegSource plugin from this link.
  • Extract FFmpegSource zip file into a folder and copy all its contents into Avisynth plugins folder (C:\Program Files\AviSynth 2.5\plugins).

FFmpegSource plugin

Writing the Scripts

This method only work for 720P resolution or less. Lag will occurs on higher resolution movies (for example 1080P full HD movie). For smooth playing it need to be reduced into 720P or less. So, we will have two kind of avs script which is for 720P HD movie or less and higher than 720P HD movies which will be reduced into half of its current resolution.

How to know video resolution

Simply right click on video file, and then click Properties. On Details tab look for its Frame Height.

check video resolution

Now open a Notepad or any text editor, and paste the following scripts.

For 720P Movies or less

video = "C:\Users\Asus\Videos\Elephants Dream\Elephants Dream.mp4"
SBS = AudioDub(FFVideoSource(video), FFAudioSource(video))
C = ConvertToRGB(SBS)
w = C.width()
h = C.height()
LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph(C).Lanczos4Resize(w, h)

For higher than 720P movies (i.e. 1080P)

video = "C:\Users\Asus\Videos\Elephants Dream\Elephants Dream.mp4"
SBS = AudioDub(FFVideoSource(video), FFAudioSource(video))
C = ConvertToRGB(SBS)
w = C.width()/2
h = C.height()/2
LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph(C).Lanczos4Resize(w, h)

Change “C:\Users\Asus\Videos\Elephants Dream\Elephants Dream.mp4” to your movie path.

Avisynth scripts

Save the script as the movie name but with avs extension (.avs) on the current movie folder. In my case “Elephants Dream.avs” on C:\Users\Asus\Videos\Elephants Dream\ folder.

save to avs

This is just an optional step, actually you can set any name and put anywhere you like. But please note that MPC and GOM will try to search subtitle file on its movie folder and also based on the video file name.

Play the the Avs file with MPC or GOM

  • On Media Player Classic (MPC),  right click on its window and hover to File menu, or simply use File menu on tollbar and Open File.
  • Browse to movie folder and change Media File type to All Files (*.*), so MPC can see avs file. Select avs file and click Open.

stereoscopic 3d on GOM player

  • On GOM Player, right click on its windows, click Open File(s) and navigate to movie folder and change Media File type to All Files (*.*).
  • Select avs file (i.e. Elephants Dream.avs) and then click Open.
  • The movie will now played as Red/Cyan Anaglyph video. For other color please read here to configure the script.

You can also convert avs script file into permanent video file and in this case the result will be on anaglyph format. You might also interested on using dedicated media player 3D called Bino 3D. You can play 1080P HD stereoscopic 3D without any problem with it, but the only down part is that Bino 3D doesn’t automatically play the subtitle.

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3 Comments → “Alternative media player, stereoscopic 3D on MPC and GOM”

  1. Moustafa

    thanks for the script it works great
    but i have encountered two problems i manged to solve one (i think)
    (1st) problem i downloaded a movie with half over/under 3d
    this one i think i solve it by changing the last line in the script and SBS to TAB
    video = "C:\Downloads\The Avengers 2012 3D Half OU 1080p BDRip x264 AC3 - KiNGDOM\The Avengers.mkv"
    TAB = AudioDub(FFVideoSource(video), FFAudioSource(video))

    C = ConvertToRGB(TAB)
    w = C.width()/2
    h = C.height()/2
    TopDown3DToRCAnaglyph(C).Lanczos4Resize(w, h)

    and it worked fine.
    (2nd) problem after a few min. of loading i got audio did not render problem when i press ok it plays the video fine with no problem but no audio
    so what changes do i need to do to make it work

    • M Riza

      Hi, try change
      TAB = AudioDub(FFVideoSource(video), FFAudioSource(video))

      TAB = FFCopyrightInfringement(video)

      Actually, this will give a similar effect as the previous one, but maybe it will work for you.
      If you really want to have a better experience with 3D movie, i suggest you to use Bino3D.

  2. tsYeng

    Thanks, work out fine.

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