Avoid pirated, sticking only to freeware

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It is undeniable that some peoples are used to stick with illegal software, it’s because CDs/DVDs that contain pirated software are priced as low as an ice cream and children can buy a CD/DVD game with their own money, and if you search for cracked software on google they are scattered everywhere. It’s telling us that how easy getting those pirated software nowadays, and you know that those are illegal stuffs. This is not an anti piracy campaign but just an idea about “why don’t we use the alternatives rather than using illegal software”.

Now, let me show you what i have as replacement from my previous software.

Operating System (OS).

Even though  i have a legal Windows Vista who’s came with my laptop but i rather to choose a free one, which allow me to tweak more than windows. I Proudly tell you that I’m with Lubuntu,  a faster, a lightweight and an energy saving variant of Ubuntu, and of course it’s free.

Office Application.

Libre Office - MS Office Alternative

LibreOffice is my choice, and almost have no problem migrating my previous documents to LibreOffice. Only i have to fix some Excel documents which cannot fully migrated to LibreOffice Calc, and some Mail Merge adjustment on Word documents. One more thing, i have Scribus as a replacement of MS Publisher (Both available for Windows and Linux).

Image handling

GIMP, well, actually i don’t have a replacement for this one, because I’m already with it since I’m with windows vista. I have photoscape installed too, but have to  run it with wine. For 3D modelling there is blender 3D as an alternative for 3D max.

Video Player

Bino3D - Free stereoscopic player

There are many list i have for this one, of course VLC is the famous one and Bino3D if you wanna watch 3D DVD/Blueray movies, and there are native video player on Lubuntu (i don’t remember which one, since i replaced it with vlc).

Audio Player

You know winamp is the best one on windows, but on Lubuntu you need wine to have it run and i think winamp with wine become not powerful as it used to be, so i replaced it with Rythmbox.


Lazarus freepascal

I’ve been satisfied with Lazarus for now, it’s a cross platform IDE for freepascal, and for C++ i have CodeBlock with wxWidgets plugin (even i don’t really know how to programing with C++ and still learning until now). Those are replacement for Delphi and Microsoft Visual C++.

Anti Virus

Oops, i don’t have antivirus right now and really have no problem with it, at least at this moment. My system running smooth and Documents are safe.

I’m just starting to stay with legal stuffs, because i know how it feel when you made something and then someone hijacked it and made a profit from it while you got nothing. So if you can’t afford to buy one, let’s just use a free one and remember freewares are legal (Is it sound like a campaign?).

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