BlueStacks error using Gallery changing WhatsApp profile picture

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Several peoples reporting BlueStacks problem while changing their whatsapp profile picture. BlueStacks error and not responding while they tried browse into gallery or WhatsApp can’t open Gallery to pick an image or picture. I my self didn’t have this error on my BlueStacks, which mean BlueStacks is running fine on my computer (Windows 7 64 Bit, 4Gb RAM).

Before continue to the temporary solution, you have to make sure that you computer really meet the requirement. This including Hardware such as RAM,  hardisk space and VGA compatibility, Software and system such as SP3 for Windows XP, Windows Installer 4.5, Net framework 2.0 SP2 and must be logged on as an Administrator.
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After several hours trying to find out the solution on internet, i can only find 2 possible solution to this problem that is Downgrading BlueStacks to older version or using Smileys for Chat App (thanks to Wasim Khandekar on his comment on my Video). I guess nobody wan’t to Downgrade their BlueStacks since some app are not working on older version and also this setting are not guaranty to be work as we suppose. So the the better possible solution is by using Smileys for chat. By using this app we can pick a picture without browsing into gallery. Please note that if you only want to attach media into whatsapp chat, export or share button is a better than this way. Now for the detail:

Install ES File Explorer and Smileys for chat

In my earlier posts, i used Astro File Manager/Browser to browse into BlueStacks files/folders, this time we going to use ES File Explorer (you can still use ASTRO File manager if you want). Assume you already run BlueStacks.

  • On My Apps list, click on Help app. This will open an web browser.
  • Type in address bar to go into Play Store. If this is your first time, you’ll be asked for Google account.
  • In search box, type Es File Explorer and press enter. Click on ES File Explorer File Manager and then install the app.
  • Do not close the play store, because we going to install the next app.

Install smiley for chat - BlueStacks error on Gallery

  • Search for Smileys for chat and press enter.
  • Click on Smileys for chat (+memes) and then install the app.
  • Now back to BlueStacks main Windows.

Creating smiley cache folder

Smiley cache folder is not created during installation. It will created when we use a smiley or emoticons on the first time. To do this:

  • Run Smileys for chat.
  • Click any smiley/emoticons or picture on this app.
  • Next, click on Save Image.

save image - create cache folder

  • A cache folder will be created on “/mnt/sdcard/Android/data/com.androidsx.smileys/cache” which also contain the previously saved image.
  • Close Smiley for chat for now, and back to My Apps list.

Copy a picture into cache

  • Run ES File Explorer (there will be a short tips on the first run).
  • Browse to your stored images/photos or pictures or using picture from computer (if you don’t know how to get picture from computer please read my earlier post on location of BlueStacks and Windows shared folders).
  • Click on “Select Button” located on bottom menu panel (checkbox will appear on all files).
  • And then click on picture you want to set as a WhatsApp profile picture (Checkbox will changed to active. indicated that the file is selected).
  • Click Copy (also located on bottom menu panel).
  • Now navigate to SDCARD folder using a tiny triangle blue button near X button, and then browse to android/data/com.androidsx.smileys/cache.

Tiny blue triangle button to list of location

  • Paste the picture into current location (paste button at the bottom menu panel).
  • Close Es File Explorer and back to My Apps list.

Change WhatsApp profile Picture

Assume you already know how to change whatsapp profile picture, otherwise please read here.

  • A smileys for chat menu will be available on picture browse list.
  • To pick the previous copied picture, in Smiley for chat click on smiley history list on the first tab (clock icon).

Smileys history and copied image

  • You’ll see the previously copied picture there, click to select the picture and then click Attach.
  • Select picture area (crop), and then press OK if you’re done.

This method only a way to change profile picture Without browsing into Galley. Since some peoples reporting BlueStacks error while changing profile picture because they can’t browse into Gallery, a blank page or even not responding occur while using Gallery. Unfortunately i tried this method on my BlueStacks which has no problem on using Gallery, so i just want to tell everyone that I’m not 100% sure that this will work on everyone who has Gallery browsing problem since i can’t find a computer that has this problem near my place. But in my opinion, because basically we not using Gallery to pick a picture this should work as expected.

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