Change WhatsApp profile picture with image from DropBox folder

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Still with WhatsApp and BlueStacks images gallery problem, today we going to change WhatsApp profile picture with photo on DropBox folder. But before continue on changing its profile photo, make sure you know how to share pictures between PC, BluesStacks or Android with DropBox. Otherwise read my earlier article about sharing photo with DropBox or watch the Video on YouTube.

As we know, WhatsApp don’t have direct access to DropBox shared folder. But we can export photos from DropBox shared folder into WhatsApp chat. This is also apply to profile photo setting which can’t directly access DropBox shared folder. Sadly there are no way to directly export images from dropbox shared folder into profile.

export to whatsapp

So how can we change WhatsApp profile picture on BlueStacks? This apps can only access images on images Gallery folder and also its sub-folders. There are several folders on Image Gallery and one of them is “WhatsApp Images“. This folder used to store images shared on chat. This mean every-time you got a photo from chat, it will downloaded into this folder. Today we going to use this folder as an images export location.

whatsapp images folder

There is also SD Card folder on images Gallery, which mean all photos on root SD Card location will be available in this folder (only on root location). But i don’t think it wise to store images on SD Card root location. So, there is 2 ways to store pictures and photos into WhatsApp Images folder:

1. Share a Photo

  • Simply, export photos from dropbox shared folder into WhatsApp chat.
  • They will be available on WhatsApp Images folder automatically.
  • To change profile pictures, hit Back button until Contact List menu, and then hit Show menu, Settings and then Profile.

whatsapp profile settings

  • Click on current profile photo to start changing pictures.
  • Select Gallery and hit “WhatsApp Images“.
  • Select the earlier shared photo.

2. Export into WhatsApp Images folder

  • This step will put a photo directly into WhatsApp Image folder, but without sharing it into chat.
  • Open DropBox shared folder, open the desired pictures.
  • On top menu hit export and choose Save to SD Card.

save to sd card

  • Navigate to WhatsApp, Media and then WhatsApp Images folder
  • Hit Export.
  • Use the first step on changing profile picture.

Simple right? Btw, BlueStacks also support webcam, which mean you can directly use camera to take picture for profile or share. You can also watch my short video (silence video) about changing profile picture for WhatsApp on YouTube.

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10 Comments → “Change WhatsApp profile picture with image from DropBox folder”

  1. Mehul

    i m unable to see any image folder in gallery of whatsapp app in bluestacks…it shows only black screen with message that “application failure detected..try again..” so can’t send any image in chat or even can’t upload profile pic..Is it because of slow speed of my pc? what should i do to solve this? pls help….

    • M Riza

      WhatsApp images will be created after you post or received a picture on WhatsApp chat.
      And about application failure, there is no information so far about what’s causing the error (or at least i can’t find it). All you can do is send the report as suggested by the developer (click BlueStacks system tray icons and report problem), and hope they fix the problem in the next update.

  2. Mehul

    ok..thanx….sry but i m unable to find the place where u exactly told to report my problem…pls elaborate it…nd is there any way to import contacts directly from mobile to bluestacks so i dnt hve to add them individually?

    • M Riza

      Ah sorry, i mean was right click on bluestacks tray icon.
      I’m not sure about importing contacts, but I’ve read somewhere if you’re using android, you can export contact through gmail, export it as vcf, share with dropbox and open on bluestacks. But some friends also said that you can simply export contact from phone and save it to dropbox and then open it on bluestacks.

  3. al

    i don’t see the gallery. its blank. how do i get access to it?

    • M Riza

      Try post some picture from camera or ask your friend to post a picture. It will then create an Images folder inside WhatsApp gallery.

  4. Aneesh

    I am also facing the same error as mentioned above “application failure detected..try again.”. I have made export to WhatsApp gallery. Also requested my friend to send a photo. Also I was able to send a photo to friend which has been exported from drop box. But I am not able to select profile picture. When selecting the “Gallery” for choosing the profile file, this error is occurring.

    Any suggestions plz.
    Thanks in advance.

    • M Riza

      I heard that you can change whatsapp profile picture through WhatsApp Smile App.

  5. Mukhtar Isah Bala

    I am at the picture location and I can see all pictures clearly including the one I want to apply, but when I click on it to select, what I always see is that “application failure detected “

    • M Riza

      if that does not work for you, please try the following:

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