Change WhatsApp profile picture without DropBox

April 1, 2013 @ 4 Comments

Profile picture is one of the most important thing on WhatsApp. It’s like an ID of your self on photo thumbnail form. If you’re using PC or Windows (with BlueStacks), you can set the profile picture to be more elegant, artistic, colorful and etc. Because you can use Great Image editor software on Windows such as PhotoScape, GIMP or Photoshop to fix, edit or polish your picture. And then share it into BlueStacks which then can be used as profile picture.

Not like before, sharing files or photos between PC and BlueStaks are much more easier. If previously we used DropBox as a media for sharing files or photos to both devices (like i did on changing whatsapp profile picture with dropbox). Now we can simply use shared folders to do this profile changing. All we need is a picture placed on Windows shared folder and then use file manager on BlueStacks to browse the picture. Next copy the picture into WhatsApp Images folder. For more detail, follow the following steps.

Copy to PC or Windows shared folder

  • On Windows, select or edit a picture.
  • Copy or save it into one of the following shared folders (remember the list order, we’ll associated the following folders with BlueStacks shared folder):
    • My Pictures
    • My Documents
    • C:\Users\Public\Documents
    • C:\Users\Public\Pictures
    • C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData named SharedFolder  (hidden folder)

Windows libraries - shared folder

Copy to WhatsApp Image folder on BlueStacks

  • Install and open ASTRO File Manager/Browser
  • Go to one of the following subfolders on /mnt/sdcard/bstFolder (or select associated My Files folder on ASTRO file manager)
    • Pictures (My Files 5)
    • Documents (My Files 4)
    • PublicPictures (My Files 3)
    • PublicDocuments (My Files 7)
    • BtSharedFolder (My Files 6)

ASTRO file manager/browser

  • Click on multi select button (left side of star icon)
  • Now click to select the picture you put on Windows folder earlier (Select the same order as Windows to match both shared location, look at shared folders on Windows). You can select more than one pictures if you want.
  • On the bottom menu bar click Copy button to copy the file (a new gray menu bar will appear — Cancel and Paste).
  • Click on sdcard folder on location path to change to sdcard folder

SDCARD folder

  • Navigate to WhatsApp, Media, WhatsApp Images folder
  • Click Paste button to paste the file into current folder
  • You can now access the picture directly from WhatsApp on Gallery, WhatsApp Images

whatsapp images folder

Change profile picture

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Click on Show Menu (on the right Go Back button)
  • Click on Settings menu, select Profile
  • Now click on current profile picture and select Gallery
  • Select WhatsApp images, and select the earlier picture
  • Set the picture area (crop)
  • Press ok to save the setting
  • You’re now using new profile picture.

You can still use DropBox folder sharing if you want, but this method somehow simpler than the DropBox method. You don’t need any account, only a file manager. You can also use different file manager such as ES File manager, as long as the File manager support Copy and Paste files. If you have any thought, question or any simpler method to share, please write a comment bellow.

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4 Comments → “Change WhatsApp profile picture without DropBox”

  1. naman

    i did all the steps but i’m not able to access the gallery!!!
    everytime i open it
    it shows loading new albums and photos and then it shows application failure!!!..
    what should i do??

    • M Riza

      Hi, until now i can’t find any solution for BlueStacks gallery problem, but you can use smileys for apps tricks to change your profile picture. For more info please read here.

  2. Prachi

    i did all the steps but i’m not able to access the gallery!!!
    everytime i open it
    it shows loading new albums and photos and then it shows application failure!!!..
    what should i do?? please do it somethng …. 🙁

    • M Riza

      I can only help you by providing alternative way to browse or use media files without gallery.

      • If you want to change whatsapp profile picture without using gallery, try the smiley for apps trick Please read here for more detail
      • If you want to send media files (pictures, videos, musics) into whatsapp, you can simply drag and drop picture from windows into BlueStacks. For more detail please read here

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