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Is anyone ever experience performance problem on computer after installing BlueStacks? well, I’ve got this problem long time ago, In my case, BlueStacks slows computer system startup and sometime causing Windows to not responding. But not anymore since I’ve disabled BlueStacks startup and also its services. But there’s a question from someone about how to disable bluestacks startup because his laptop getting really slow after boot screen.

In case if any of you getting the same problem and wondering the same question, today i’d like to share how to disable BlueStacks startup and services to prevent computer slow startup problem caused by BlueStacks (Screenshot taken from my Windows 7 Laptop). Please note that this is based on my own experience without intending to say that BlueStacks will causing a lag, delay or slows on Windows startup. Other peoples might say that they’re not affected by slow problem. It’s truly depend on computer system and hardware.

  • Press Windows Button on Keyboard or simply click on start menu
  • On Search program and files box type msconfig

Startup - msconfig - system configuration window

  • You’ll see a System Configuration windows popped up.
  • In service tab, uncheck to disable BlueStacks Android Service and BlueStacks Log Rotator Service — click Apply.

Disable BlueStacks services

  • Still on System Configuration window, continue to startup tab.
  • In this tab, uncheck BlueStacks to remove BlueStacks from auto startup — click Apply and press OK.

Disable bluestacks startup

  • Restart Computer.

Computer now should be beck to normal its normal startup condition. If you still having the slow startup problem, it can be caused by another programs or application. Check for programs that might run on startup and causing the problem on System Configuration (MSCONFIG) services and startup tab. For example if you’re using multiple AntiVirus or Firewall, so disable or uninstall some of them and let only one Firewall or AntiVirus running on your system. Or it could be also that your computer has been infected by Viruses, SpyWare or maybe Malware, so install or update antivirus and scan your computer for viruses.

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