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Actually, i mentioned about this topic already on my other post — Apps download problem on BlueStacks. That was the time when BlueStacks still has their apps store menu on main page, the old BlueStacks. On latest update, you can not directly use them anymore, you can only choose apps store during installation, when you are about to download the selected app from result menu.

Why using Google play store instead of default BlueStacks apps search menu? As you can see, when you search for an app, the default apps search will show only 5 result. That’s mean you have to be specific in what apps name you’re looking for. Well, i know that when you search for WhatsApp or Angry Bird, the official apps always shown on the first result.

angry birds search

But aren’t play store is a right place to look for Android apps?. It is also a bypass for One time 1-Click Sync setup on first use only if you don’t want to sync apps player and your phone. So, how do you get the google play store? simple, just follow the following steps.


  • Latest BlueStacks
  • Google account (Gmail).

Running Play Store

  • On BlueStacks main page, select My Apps (top main menu).
  • Select Help from apps list. It will bring you to BlueStacks help forum page.

the web page url

  • Now, on the address bar, change url address to and press enter.
  • You’ll be prompted to choose between Browser and Play Store, select Play Store and check on “Use by default for this action“.

complete action using

  • If you never used Play Store or any Google services on BlueStacks before, you’ll be asked for an account.
  • Input your login and password to continue.
  • There you go, play store now up and running.

it is up and running now

You can actually use Browser during selection if you want. Of course layout will be like what we got on web browser. But if you select an app you’ll be prompted with another “complete action using” question (with additional 1Mobile Market on the list ). So, i suggest you to select play store from the beginning.

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