How do you watch stereoscopic 3d movies

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A basic question about stereoscopic 3D movies is “How do you watch it?” or “There are 2 screens in my video, why?”. To answer the question first we need to know the Stereoscopic format of the video and the requirement devices to watch the movies.

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Anaglyph Format

The most popular 3D stereoscopic video formats are Anaglyph and Side by side (SBS) video. Stereoscopic 3D Anaglyph Blueray/DVD always packed with the Anaglyph glasses as well, pretty simple plug and play movies and it can be played on any Blueray/DVD player devices and watch it using the provided Anaglyph glasses. Anaglyph use 2 different color to filter right and left eyes image, you can see it from the ghosting colors while watching the movies without glasses.

3d anagllyph full color

Side by side (SBS) Format

Side by side (SBS) is a popular format for a full HD 3D movies, require a 3D devices to watch the movies to get the 3D effect, otherwise it will show only videos with similar side by side images. The devices can be any 3D TV or 3D monitor for example LG 32LM6200 32-Inch Cinema 3D TV . While Anaglyph using colors glasses to filter right and left eyes images, SBS use different glasses depend on what 3D TV or monitor used.  There are passive glasses or polarized glasses and active glasses or shutter glasses.


Watching SBS format from computers

While there are no problem playing Anaglyph videos since the movies came with the appropriated glasses, playing SBS format video can be a bit tricky.The easy way is using a 3D monitor (for example HP Pavilion 2311GT 3D-Screen LED-lit Monitor), or simple using a 3D player  such as Bino 3D player and watch the movies as an Anaglyph video, otherwise tweak the Media Player Classic Home Hinema so it can play SBS video as an anaglyph format.

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