How to cut video with movie maker

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If you just want to do a simple video editing such as cut, insert or convert to reduce video size, Microsoft movie maker can be a great choice. It’s a freeware video editing software from Microsoft. If you never tried Movie maker before, you might found it a bit tricky to cut video with movie maker. You can’t simply find a cut menu or button to get rid a partial part of video inside movie maker. But it doesn’t mean you can’t cut any video with it, you need to to know how to do it using another function.

Movie maker no longer bundled on Windows 7. Which mean you have to download it manually from Microsoft official website. Simply get a copy of movie maker from here. For other OS, use search feature to see if you already have this movie maker, otherwise download it manually.

2 tools to cut video with movie maker

Depend on your need, you can use 2 features on movie maker to cut a video that is trim tool and split menu. Use trim tool only if you want to cut a single part from video. On video trim, you have to mark a start point and also the end poiny. Video on outside the marked area will be removed. Use video split if you need to cut several portion of video. This function will split video into 2 part. Both menu can be found on edit tab and right click menu. Special for split, you can also use “M” shortcut to immediately split the video.

2 ways to cut video

Cut with Video Trim tool

Assume you have a video opened with movie maker, now click on edit tab and then click trim tool. You are now on video trim stage, you can also see 2 sliders on both start and ending video preview line. Slide over both slider until you get the desired video area which you want to cut. If you done selecting area, click save trim.

trim tool to cut video

You can manually set a start and end point by manually set the time on Start  and End point menu. You can also trim manually outside the trim stage by directly right clicking on video and click set start point. Video will be then started on that point location, the previous start location will be removed until new start point. And if you also set the end point on the video, it will the remove the previous end location starting at the current new end point.

set start and end point by right click

Cut Video with split tool

This feature is like the vice versa of previous trim tool. While on trim tool, you can only grab a specific part from video and remove the others, with split tool you can remove unneeded part of video as many as you want. There are 3 ways to access this feature, that is Edit tab, Right click and “M” shortcut. Split menu will only active if you’re not currently on start or end point. Basically, split will break video into 2 parts in the current view point.

split tool

You just need to create at least 2 split point, or you can use a start or end point as the 2nd point. Now you can simply remove the unneeded scene by selecting and right clicking the scene and then click remove.

cut with split tool

By the way, you can also use another free video editing software by Microsoft called Microsoft Expression Encoder to do simple video editing. This software also bundled with video screen capture, which you can use to capture your desktop.

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