How to enable subtitle on Bino 3D

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Remember Bino 3D the Stereoscopic player? yea, it ‘s my current 3D player now. Well, i do still have my MFC setting to play SBS videos as Anaglyph, but there is a problem when i played 1080p Videos with it, the movie will slowed down. No it’s not my computer, i have windows 7 with i5 processor and 4gb ram, i believe it was the avisynth scripts, but with Bino 3D all the full HD movies are running smooth. The only problem is that i can’t figure out the way to show the subtitles with bino 3d in that time.

On the other media player (MFC, VLC, GOM and etc), if you set subtitles file name equal to video file name then the subtitles will automatically run, but not on Bino 3D, you have to manually open the subtitle file.

Bino 3D subtitle on Youtube

Here’s the steps to play movie and subtitle on bino 3d.

Bino 3D show a small message windows on first run. The message contain information about opening multiple files such as Movie and subtitle files.

1. Make sure movie and subtitle files are on the same folder (put movie and subtitle file on the same folder).

2. On the bino 3d toolbar click File -> Open File(s) to open a movie, and navigate to the 3d movie and subtitle folder.

bino 3d - select video and subtitle

3. Select Video and Subtitle all together by simple clicking movie file and ctrl+click the subtile file or using mouse to area selection to selecting both movie and subtitle at the same time, and then click open.

bino 3d - select subtitle

4. Select input and Output mode for 3d movie, on the subtitle list menu choose subtitle other than Off (usually unknown), off mean don’t play subtitle.

bino 3d playing movie with subtitle

Play and you should see subtitle running on the bottom of the movie now.  Simple, but took like months for me to understand how to watch 3D movies with Bino 3D along with their subtitles. If you still confused, kindly watch Bino 3D on youtube on the earlier paragraph of this post.

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