Install PhotoScape 3.6 on Ubuntu 11.10

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Photoscape 3.6 is a simple and easy free photo editing which only run on Windows. Through Wine, we can run Photoscape for Linux OS and in my case Ubuntu 11.10.  I did installed Photoscape on my Ubuntu 11.10 with no problem, but took 2 days for me to make it run.

Photoscape 3.6 need Visual C++ 2008 libraries to run, and Visual C++ 2008 libraries need access to MSI service in order to install, and because of those libraries i have to install/reinstall wine for several times. Therefore several libraries need to be download and installed into wine in order to run photoscape on linux by using winetricks and several settings need to be configure on wine configuration window.

Watch the short video

So after messing around with wine i finally made it to run photoscape on my Ubuntu machine and start the photo editing.

Photoscape is a fun and easy photo editing software that enables you to fix and enhance photos (photoscape).

In case anyone have the same problem as me, i wrote the following steps which could help you out.

Before walking through the detail steps of wine configuration for photoscape, first make sure you  have wine installed in your Ubuntu. Otherwise install it with Synaptic Package Manager or directly use apt-get on console window to install Wine.

me@pc:~$sudo apt-get update
me@pc:~$sudo apt-get install wine

To install photoscape into Ubuntu 11.10, download setup file from their official website and double click the setup file to start photoscape installation.

Assume you already have Wine and Photoscape installed on your Ubuntu;

1. Install MSI2 using winetricks:

me@pc:~$winetricks msi2

2. Run winecfg to open wine configuration windows:


3. Go to libraries tab and look for MSI from the Existing Overides lists

4. Click edit to edit it’s Load Order, and change it to “Builtin then Native

photoscape installation - ubuntu 11.10

UPDATE (read only permission error)

Many peoples getting problem where photoscape can not save image. There’s a permission error showed whenever they try to save image. The solution is by installing native gdiplus and set the library Load Order for the gdiplus to “Native then Builtin” (details are on steps 6-8, tested on Ubuntu 11.10 and Linux Mint Release 13 (Maya) 64 bit).

6. Install native gdiplus with winetricks:

me@pc:~$winetricks gdiplus

7. Open wine configuration (see number 2), click Libraries tab and find gdiplus on New override for library drop down menu and click add.

GDIPLUS winecfg - add to override

8. Click gdiplus from Existing overrides and click edit. Nest set gdiplus Load Order to  “Native then Builtin

set load order to Native then Builtin

9. Now, install Visual C++ 2008 Libs with winetricks:

me@pc:~$winetricks vcrun2008

10. Run photoscape and have fun

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10 Comments → “Install PhotoScape 3.6 on Ubuntu 11.10”

  1. Stefan

    But still not save the modified pic’s 🙁
    It say’s about read-only attribute!

  2. Edel

    Wonderful! Had been searching for this hint for months!
    Works on Kubuntu 12.04 and Mac OS X 10.7.4 by just installing the C++ Libs,there’s nothing else needed.^^
    (Also I want to give the information that I’ve tested via Crossover 10 & 11 on both systems, one of the propertiary wine products)

  3. Dan Kegel

    Wine no longer needs native msi to install this app

  4. Rossini M. Neto

    Thanks so much! It worked fine for me on KUbuntu 12.04. (PhotoScape 3.6.2)

  5. Rumon

    Thank you! Works fine!

  6. GuiltMachine

    I have installed in this way on my Ubuntu 12.10, but i cant save files. It tells me that they are read only, but is not true. Why can it be?

  7. Clamp

    Works perfectly, thx!

  8. Horea L

    Thank you! Worked fine in Linux Mint 14. Very useful tips.

  9. Aurum

    Works great in Linux Mint 15 as well. Thank you!

  10. olex

    Works! Works! so thanks…

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