Lazarus FreePascal, make.exe idepkg Error 255

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It’s been a while since my latest tiny program on earlier 2012 with Lazarus FreePascal. I’m not sure if today i still can write any application with it. But i have to, since I’m going to work on something big in the next few weeks. Before that time, i’m gonna be busy re-learning FreePascal from the beginning. The first two week will be a hard time for me, because office mates will keep complaining about program not running like what they wanted to be.

On Lazarus website, i saw they have a new version — 1.0.10. So i decided to upgrade Lazarus, because it’s been a year since the latest version i had — 0.9.30, downloading and installing the new version of Lazarus is the easiest part, but the tricky part is about to begin.

Lazarus freepascal 1.0.10

While running the new Lazarus, i realized that many stuffs are missing from components tab. The tab just filled with standard components — my bad, i suppose to know how to upgrade it properly. It used to have LazReport tab on it, it’s an important components since I’m not good on Lazarus printing so LazReport  is a great add on for me. Also with several other additional components such as SqLite or SqLite3 inside SQLdb tab.

installing components

I thought i just need to add them though Packages -> Install/Uninstall Packages menu. But, it’s not working like it suppose to be. I keep trying but it keep failing and the last line of messages showing make.exe[1]: *** [idepkg] Error 255

make.exe error idepkg 255

After a while searching trough internet and Lazarus freepascal forum, i found a temporary solution for this problem (you can read the discussion here, and also from bugs report here). You need to replace the old make.exe on “C:\lazarus\fpc\2.6.2\bin” folder with a newer version (see attachment on bugs report page). But do this only if you want to Add/install or remove components, and revert back afterwards for daily build.

replace old make.exe

Finally, i got it working like it used to be, but i was right about one thing — i forgot many thing about freepascal programming, and i have to re-learn from the beginning.

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