My Android on Windows 7, from Bluestacks to AndroVM, All for Whatsapp

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I just realized that i was obsessed with Android on windows 7. It was started on few months ago where i managed to communicate with all friends through whatsapp on my pc using bluestacks.

The whatsapp group chat was so great. Feel like back to the time where mIRC is famous and so popular, flood chat on channel, scramble games and etc.

mIRC the old time chat application

Knowing that bluestacks only free on beta release, i tried to get another android apps player to run on windows 7. Just in case if they release their alpha version soon, then i got the replacement for bluestacks already. I’ve tried several alternative for bluestacks, like:

  • Android SDK tool. I’ve got problem with performance of the android emulator. Not sure what was the problem, and apparently the SDK tool was designed for developer, not for user like me so i just skip it after the first try.
  • Android-x86 on VMware player and Virtual Box. Running smooth but can’t get the network device working (no internet connection). Tried many solution from many sources but still no luck.
  • Last time was AndroVM on VirtualBox. Running smooth, network device working fine but can not install whatsapp with unknown device error. Tried many things and even tweaking build.prop, but still got the same result.

WhatsApp on Windows 7, trough several application

All those failed attempts made me think that i should give up installing Android for windows. I should just stick with current working application — whatsapp inside bluestacks. Using bluestacks as whatsapp player are not that bad either, just hope when they release alpha version, they don’t put to much number on the price.

whatsapp on pc

But still sometime feel like i missed something. When i shutdown the computer, all the excitement feeling like vanished in sudden. Lost communication with all friends and keep wondering what is going on and what was the topic on group chat at this moment. I’m seriously thinking about getting my own gadget soon. Maybe Samsung Galaxy or maybe a Google Nexus 4 so i always know about what topic on our whatsapp group chat every time.

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