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On previous post i wrote about sending files or photos from android to PC using various medias, such as USB, Bluetooth, Email and etc. Today I’ve found one more easy way to sharing photo for Android, Bluestacks and PC. Photo sharing with dropbox.

It was based on my own question, how to sync photo from my Windows PC into Bluestacks. Every time i wanna share new photos to WhatsApp, firstly i have to restart Bluestacks. It will then scan for images on My Pictures Library to be placed on Bluestacks/WhatsApp gallery.

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Even though WhatsApp still doesn’t immediately sync the photos on gallery after photo synchronized. We have to use export to apps button to manually export the image into WhatsApp. This way, we don’t need WhatsApp to sync the gallery anymore.

Dropbox is a file hosting that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers. Dropbox then synchronises so that it appears to be the same folder regardless of the computer it is viewed on. ( Dropbox)

Starting photo sharing android, bluestacks and PC is easy, all you need to do is register account on dropbox website and download dropbox application for windows. And then download android apps for both android phone/pc and bluestacks (also on other android apps player such as AndroVM). To make it easy, i’ll show you what I’ve done.

Register dropbox account

You can register in two ways, first directly register from website (Click Sign In -> Create New Account) or registering from client application. That’s mean you need to download the client first.

Register dropbox account

Installing for Bluestacks and Android Client

On Android go to Google play store and click search, or on Bluestacks main page click search icon and type dropbox. Download and install the first result.

download android/bluestacks dropbox

You will be asked for account, simply register or sign in with account you have created before.

On the next step you can either select “WiFi only” or “WiFi or data plan”. The only different is on data plan huge data file such as video will not be uploaded. Check on upload existing photo and videos to enable immediately sync existing photos and videos. Your Android and Bluestacks now ready to start photo sharing.

upload using

Installing Windows Client

For windows you can easily read a big blue button for Download on the website. On first install process you will be asked for account. If you are registered already then simple click the 2nd choice (I already have a Dropbox account) otherwise click the first one for register new account.

downloading dropbox

After selecting pricing terms choose Advanced so we can customize a folder for photo sharing on the next step. Before continue to the next step create a folder on disk to be set as a shared folder.

advanced setup

Next, On advanced setup select “i want to choose where …” and click change, and then choose the folder you’ve created before or you can create new folder by clicking “Make New Folder”. Click next and Install.

Sharing photos for WhatsApp

Firstly, try drag or copy and paste a photo into shared folder or sub-folder on Windows. You’ll notice a green check icons on the photo thumbnail. This mean the photo is uploaded to the sync server and ready to share with other devices.

photo sharing

Open dropbox app on Android or Bluestacks, you’ll see folders which is shared with windows. Open folder where you shared the photo (In my case “Photos” folder and “Camera Uploads”).

export to whatsapp

Open the photo and you will notice a menu bar above the photo contain 4 icons on the right menu. Tap or click on export icon (A box with arrow) and then choose WhatsApp and then choose contact. This will export the photo directly into the selected contact. Use Chain icon if you only want to share the photo links to others.


If you having problem downloading DropBox inside Bluestacks, please read here.

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  1. YOP

    Hey, i can´t install Dropbox on bluestacks.. im using a mac. Can you help me?

    • M Riza

      Try download DropBox directly from other apps stores. On BlueStacks home menu, find a button named Apps Stores, select 1Mobile and then search for DropBox.

  2. ks303

    hey great work. it’s very helpful to upload pics in watsapp via bluestack. thanks.

    now i want to know—how can i get pics from WatsApp image floder to my PC???

    • M Riza

      Try install file manager inside bluestacks, and then copy images from WhatsApp images folder into dropbox folder. The images will be then available also on dropbox folder which located on PC. Or you can simply copy the images into shared folder if you don’t want to use dropbox. More info please read here

  3. super

    hey.. i cant find dropbox app in app store

    • M Riza

      Try use different apps store, for example play store. for more info please read here

  4. todd

    how can i share music i download in bluestacks with my pc….besides using dropbox to sync the open dropbox on my pc and download it to my pc! is there a way to just make a file and share it???

    • M Riza

      You can directly use My Pictures and My Documents from bluestacks. But you’ll need a file manager for example ES File Explorer File Manager or ASTRO File manager.
      For more info, please read my other post in here

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