Photo sharing on BlueStacks and Windows without 3rd party

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Earlier I’ve wrote some posts about sharing between BlueStacks and PC with 3rd apps such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive. Today i want to share an easier method to sharing file or photo between BlueStacks and PC especially Windows without using those 3rd party cloud storage services.

All you need to get is an ASTRO file manager for BlueStacks, which will be used to explore into shared folder and doing basic copy/paste and export command. On Windows you only need Windows explorer (you might also want to set show hidden option enabled to access some hidden shared folder).

Install ASTRO File Manager for BlueStacks

  • On BlueStacks home Window click on search button and type ASTRO File Manager on search form.
  • Click install on the first result and run the app (you might be asked for agreement and could storage account om first run).
  • You can find the shortcut on My Apps on BLueStacks home menu.

install ASTRO File Manager

Browsing Shared Folder on BlueStacks

There are several folders on Windows which is also used by BlueStacks. On BlueStacks, the folder called bstFolder (on /mnt/sdcard/bstFolder) which contain (in BlueStacks – Windows – ASTRO File Manager name order):

  • Pictures – My Pictures Library (current user) – My Files 5.
  • Documents – My Documents Library (current user) – My Files 4.
  • PublicPictures – Public My Pictures Library (public user : Users\Public\Documents) – My Files 3.
  • PublicDocuments – Public My Documents Library (public user : Users\Public\Pictures) – My Files 7.
  • BtSharedFolder – a hidden folder on ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData named SharedFolder (you need to enabled show hidden to see this folder) – My Files 6.

Those folders are accessible on both devices. On Windows, just copy anything such as files or photos into that folder and the files or photos will be available instantly for BlueStacks.

BlueStacks shared folders

Assume you already use ASTRO File Manager to open shared folder On BlueStacks, just refresh the folder and you’ll see newly saved files or photos on that folder. To refresh simply navigate to upper folder and reopen the shared folder. You’ll see a tiny loading icon circling when you open the folder.

Export Photo into Apps

To export photo you’ve saved directly into installed apps, simply click on any image/pictures and then select ASTRO Image Viewer on complete action using selection. You can now see a tiny export icon on top right menu of Image Viewer.

export images

Select from available installed apps on action selection for image export process (for example WhatsApp or Viber). The image will be then used based on apps behavior.

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