Problems install BBM on Windows PC

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As everyone know BBM from Blackberry is now available for Android and iOS. And rumor said that it will also be available for Windows phone soon. Like the other android apps for pc stuffs that i wrote, to get this BBM on Windows PC you’ll need BlueStacks — the Android apps player.

Simply find it on play store and install it just like the other android apps. But while getting BBM to Windows PC through Bluestacks is easier as getting whatsapp on windows 7, on my case it was not run as i expected — problems are popping up along the way.

1. Require the latest Bluestacks

My first attempt getting BBM on my laptop was fail because i with the old version of Bluestacks. I heard someone said that BBM for Android require ICS (4.0) while BlueStacks using Eclair (2.0). After a while sit on support forum, I’ve finally found a reply from employee which telling user to try the latest version of BlueStacks, because it contain fix for BBM and several UI changes — quoted from support forum:

I would request you to try our latest version from that has a fix for this app and some other UI changes.

2. Graphics Driver Upgrade

Thereafter i upgraded Bluestacks, i’m getting another problem — It want me to upgrade my Intel HD Graphics driver. The problem is that the intel driver installer wont allow me to have this driver on laptop because “it was not validated” it said. I have to get the appropriate driver from my laptop manufacturer — Asus.

BBM For Windows PC -- BlueStacks install error -- graphics card upgrade error

Another problem, Asus didn’t release any update for Intel HD graphics driver since last year. Now i understand why people keep writing comment on my post about getting graphics error eventhough they already got the latest driver. But thank’s to intel support center i got it work by manually install the driver.

3. BBM Tablet View (Landscape)

By searching it though Google play store, i can easily get BBM installed on Bluestacks without any problem. But unfortunately BBM will force Bluestacks to turn it self into the phone mode display — portrait layout. Not a big problem thought, but you can change it to tablet mode from apps size options just in case if you want a wider screen for BBM.

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If you new to current Bluestacks UI, follow the following steps to get into the apps size options.

  1. Click on Clock at the bottom right of menu bar to show status menu.
  2. Click on settings icon — it will show several option bellow it.
  3. Click on settings icon again to show settings menu.
  4. Select “Change Apps Size” menu.
  5. Look for BBM apps, and change it size setting to Tablet.
  6. Press Done to finish.

If you got more problems during Bluestacks installation, first make sure your computer meet the minimum requirement, read the error message for the hint and then check for the solution on support forum. Have a nice day and have fun.

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