Protect WhatsApp on your Windows PC with Password

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Now that you have WhatsApp installed and running on Windows PC through BlueStacks, you might wondering what if someone use your computer and run WhatsApp. They’ll have access to your account, read messages, chat histories view photos, videos and etc. You can prevent this thing happen by setting a password every time you want to run WhatsApp.

This tool called App Lock, which will protect apps registered on it with a code, password or pattern. So you prevent anyone from running private apps on your BlueStacks. This could be any Android apps that you don’t want to share with anyone, for example WhatsApp. I suggest you to use Play Store to install this tool, because the default BlueStacks limit search result to only 5 items. Read here if you want to know how to access play store.

Protect with Pattern, password or gesture

Install App Lock (Smart App Protector)

Actually there are many other similar tools you can use to protect WhatsApp. This one is only an example and most of them are doing the same thing, protecting phone and apps with password, pattern or gesture. If you search this tool on play store, you might need to scroll your screen down a bit to find this app, since it’s not shown on top result. Click on result to go to detail page and then click install to start installation.

Download from Play Store

Choose Lock Type

There will be a notification page during first run, just press back button and you’ll be presented with another info. Now that the tool is running, on its Setting tab scroll down to find Lock Type. Click this menu to choose between 4 Lock type. You can chose between Password(Number or Character), pattern and gesture. On every type selected look bellow the Lock type menu to set new password, pattern or draw gesture.

Select Lock Type

Add WhatsApp

Continue to App Lock tab, at the near bottom menu you will see an “Add” button. Click this button to show installed apps. Scroll down until you found WhatsApp, check on the right check box and then press Add button to add WhatsApp.

Add to password protection

Run WhatsApp to test your new protection system. Depend on Lock type, a menu will appear waiting for you to choose number or type a password, draw a pattern or gesture.

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