Reducing video file size with Micfosoft movie maker

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Video file size depends on many things such as video resolution, bit rate and video codec. Video codec used to enable compression or decompression for digital video. For some reason we need to get our video file size reduced. For example online streaming purpose such as YouTube and Dailymotion.

While we can find many free video encoder around, I’ve found Microsoft Movie Maker is also great for streaming purposed video encoding. I’ve been using this software for sometime for online (Youtube) and offline video production. One more Microsoft free software you might want to try in related to video encoding is Microsoft Video Encoding 4. Last time i used this software to convert 3D SBS video into Anaglyph using Avisynth script.

Getting Started

If you don’t have Microsoft Movie Maker installed, you can download for free from Microsoft official website.

Import Video

It’s basically a simple video editor, which allow you to import media such as images, videos and audios. And the you can add various effects and animations on it, cut and modify the videos. To import video simply click “Add video and photos” button on Home tab.

Import video

Edit/Modify Video

You can also modify the video in order to reduce the video file size by removing some unnecessary scenes.  There 2 tools we can use to cut the video that is Split and Trim tool.

1. Using Split tool.

First set a start point by dragging video position to the desired scenes. And then click Split on Edit tab. Next set an end point by setting another position on video, and click Split again. Now right click on video section that you want to remove and click Remove.

Split tool to cut video

2. Using Trim Tool.

This tool is like a vice versa of Split tool, which will remove the section which is not in the trim video scenes. First you need to set a start point and then set an end point. You can do it manually set the start and end time on start and end point setting or by simply drag the video sliding bar. When you done, click on Save Trim. This will remove the other scenes that not in trim section.

Trim tool

Save Video

Now the most important part, saving video. This setting will determine the size of output video file. You can either choose from available output profile or create your own profile.

1. Choosing From Available

Microsoft Movie Maker has a lot of available profile setting you can choose, which is including for online and offline video production setting. On Home tab click “Save movie” and you’ll presented with available output profile. While hovering on profile you can also estimated the current video file size.

Estimated video file size

Hover to the profile, a small information windows will appear. Look on information of “Estimated file size: xx.xx MB per minutes of video“. Multiply this value with video length in minutes to estimated the total file size. For example if you have 5 minutes video, and the information showed 15,68 MB per minutes then 5 x 15.68 MB = 78.4 MB estimated video file size.

2. Create Your Own Profile

If you decided to create your own profile, click on “create custom setting“. On setting drop down menu you can choose from available setting as a reference. For example select Windows 7 (720) if you wanna create new setting based on it. Set a new name for the setting.

custom setting

The most important on this setting is Bit rate which will impact file size. For example on Facebook profile setting (see choosing from available), you can see it has 2,19 MB bit rate which is considered low. Lower it more to reduce file size while also watch the estimated file size on the bottom of setting window. Remember lowering bit rate will also sacrificing video quality. If quality is not really important to you, then you can lowering it as lower as 850 kbps and the video will still enjoyable to watch.

Also don’t forget to set Audio format setting to the lowest one from available list. This will also slightly reduce the total video file size. Save the setting and close. You can now choose your setting from available save movie profile setting list.

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