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Another files or photo sharing article, today’s about sharing photo with Google Drive. I can say it pretty similar with SkyDrive and DropBox, Google Drive also has its own application for Android and PC, which also support Mac OS. Like the other cloud storage service, you can access Google Drive anywhere, anytime and everywhere, with PC or mobile smartphone such as Android either with apps or through website.

Google Drive offer 5GB free storage and SkyDrive offering 7GB free space while DropBox only 2GB free storage. The user account has been integrated with Google account. So if you have Gmail account, you don’t have to register for new account to use this service.

install Google Drive on PC

You can access this service by Website or Application. If you want to integrated Google Drive in your local storage (a specific folder), you must install the application. In this article i’ll show you how to use Google Drive to share files on Windows 7.

  • Download Google Drive from here
  • Accept for Term of Service

Accept term of service

  • Wait for Download to finish
  • When download and install completed, you’ll be asked for Google account, use your Gmail address and password
  • You’ll see a new folder in your local drive User area

If you copy any files into that folder, the files will be uploaded into Google Drive storage and then will be available online for your account.

Google Drive on Android

Pretty much the same with our earlier files or photos sharing apps on Android (in my case BlueStacks), you just need to find the app through apps search or Play Store and then click install.

  • On apps search menu or Play Store, type Google Drive
  • Click install on the first result

search google drive

  • Wait until finished
  • Now back to main menu (Home), and click on Google Drive icon

google drive on main menu

  • Accept term of service
  • Most of Android already signed with Google account, so you will not be asked for login this time, but permission will be asked to use your account.

request permission

  • See on top panel for exclamation mark, open the panel and allow Google drive for current account.
  • Google drive is ready now

If you want to share files with other computer or android, simply install also this application on that computer or android. now when you put a files or photos into Google Drive shared folder, all devices connected to this account will get the same files or photo on their shared folder.

Share snapshot on Android

You might asking about how to share photo on Google Drive to WhatsApp or other messenger apps. To do this:

  • Select photo on shared folder
  • On the right line, click on detail button (“>” icon)
  • You’ll see a thumbnail of current photo, click Open.

Share snapshot

  • Now on the bottom right menu, lick on Share Snapshot button
  • Select WhatsApp or any apps to complete snapshot sharing

Basically most of Could Storage service has the similar features. All we need is install their application on all devices where you want your files or photos to share with, register to their account, and sign in with it on all devices. The application will do the sync process, all will be automatics depends on connection speed.

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