Step-by-step Install and Configure Stereoscopic 3D media player with MPC

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This post is an update version from my older post (MPC for stereoscopic 3D media player). On current post we’ll use the latest version of K-Lite Codec Pack, avisynth and i also included screenshots on every steps.

The following setting was tested on my new laptop, ASUS A55V, 64 bit Windows 7 home premium, and only for Red Cyan Anaglyph glasses. For the other colors of anaglyph glasses please read my previous post. Ok, here’s the detail steps.

1. Download and Install Avisynth (V 2.5.8).

Dowload avisynth from free-codecs website, and choose Avisynth 2.5.8.

Download Avisynth

Unzip and Install with Full Type of Install option.

Avisynth Install

2. Download ans Install Pantarheon 3D AviSynth Toolbox.

Download Pantarheon 3D MSI installer here.

pantarheon installer

Double click the installer to install Pantarheon 3D AviSynth Toolbox.

3. Download and install K-Lite Codec Pack 9.2.0 Full (Latest version at 08/25/2012).

Note that MPC (Media Player Classic) and ffdshow are bundled in full version of K-Lite Codec Pack.
Download  K-Lite Codec Pack 9.2.0 from free-codec website, and select Full version.

K-Lite Codec Full

Choose Advance mode while installing K-Lite Codec Pack.

K-Lite Codec Advance Mode

Set any component to fddshow (select ffdshow if available), this will install fddshow during K-Lite Codec installation.

Set ffdshow component on K-Lite Codec

Set file Association to Media Player Classic, this will install (MPC) Media Player Classic during K-Lite Codec Installation.

Media Player Classic - File association - K-Lite Codec

4. K-Lite Codec, Ffdshow and MFC Configuration

– ffdshow video decoder configuration

Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > ffdshow Video Decoder

Ffdshow video decoder

Click Codec Menu and scroll down the right menu table to look for “Raw Video“, set the decoder option to “All Supported“.

ffdshow raw video option

Apply and Close.

– ffdshow RAW video processor configuration

Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > ffdshow RAW Video Processor
Scroll down left menu to find Avisynth Menu, and check on the check-box.

ffdshow raw video processor - avisynth

Paste the following script to the right text box.

c = ConvertToRGB32()
w = c.width()/2
h = c.height()/2
LeftRight3DToRCAnaglyph(c).Lanczos4Resize(w, h)

Download script here (in case if you have copy and paste problem).

Save And Close.

– Media Player Classic (MPC) configuration

Navigate to Start Menu > All Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Media Player Classic
Press “O” or navigate to View > Options, to open the option windows
On Internal Filter, unchecked everything from Source Filters.

MFC internal Filter Options

Click External Filter, and then click Add Filters.

Select Ffdshow Video Decoder from filter list

MFC external filter

Change option from “Set Merit” to “Prefer“.

MFC external filter option

Do the same for ffdshow audio decoder and ffdshow raw video filter.

MFC external filter option 2

Apply and Close.

By now Any video played by MPC (with current setting) will be treated as 3D SBS and will be converted into 3D anaglyph. So when you wanna play non SBS video you have to disable avisynth by un-checking Avisynth option on ffdshow RAW video processor (see ffdshow RAW video processor configuration).

MPC with ffdshow RAW video processor – Avisynth checked / enabled

MFC - ffdshow Avisynth enabled

MPC with ffdshow RAW video processor – Avisynth unchecked / disabled

MFC - ffdshow avisynth disabled

Download video for test here (Youtube 3D option SBS format).

That’s all, hope no more problem playing 3D movies with media player classic home cinema using the above configuration.

M Riza

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15 Comments → “Step-by-step Install and Configure Stereoscopic 3D media player with MPC”

  1. Dak

    Hi mate..

    Thanks for this TUT .

    I tried but at Klite, I cant find Start Menu > All Programs > K-Lite Codec Pack > Configuration > ffdshow RAW Video Processor . I really hope you can help me on this.

    Thanks again.


    • M Riza

      While installing K-Lite codec (Steps number 3), are you set it to advanced mode? and did you set any component to ffdshow (if possible). This will install ffdshow later.
      Otherwise please recheck you K-Lite codec version (current version is 9.2.0), because i found it different with the older version (version on my previous post).

      Btw, did you tried Bino 3D player, this player away easier and better than this one. You don’t have to set or configure anything.
      Read here if you have problem showing subtitle on Bino 3D.

      • Clint

        Well… I don’t really want to change, I already have VLCplayer for an alternate, but it’s software-acceleration performance isn’t as good, and I have an ambilight system that relies on not using hardware acceleration.

        I did find the mpc-hc.exe in the k-lite folder path…..

        I run mpc by script:

        set TARGET=C:\Program Files (x86)\Media Player Classic 64-bit

        but now I have it run the K-lite one instead:

        if exist “C:\Program Files(x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mpc-hc.exe” set TARGET=C:\Program Files(x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mpc-hc.exe

        This doesn’t crash. Latest futurama 720p web-rip looks very pixely and blocky though. Guess I have to re-do my settings again.

      • M Riza

        Aw, I’m sorry for what happened, i didn’t mean to break someone’s setting.
        Btw, aren’t 64 bit programs suppose to be installed on “Program Files” folder and 32 bit on “Program Files (x86)”, in my case i had my 64 bit MPC on “C:\Program Files\MPC-HC\mpc-hc64.exe”, while my K-Lite version on “C:\Program Files (x86)\K-Lite Codec Pack\Media Player Classic\mpc-hc.exe”.
        Have you tried to reinstall 64 bit of MPC?

  2. Clint

    Any suggestions on how to get the blockiness to go away would be really appreciated though, as I run in 1080p mode, and everything upscaled perfectly for 5 yrs prior to following the instructions on this page, sorry 🙂

    • M Riza

      Bino 3D is the last suggestion for you, otherwise buy the latest cyberlink powerdvd 😀 .
      Actually i’m not using MPC for 3D anymore since i tried Bino, i wrote this post because I’ve many unpublished comments asking the same problem, eventhough i had newest post about Bino.
      There’s no benefit for me to promoting an opensource (bino), and i’m not the developer either 😀 , it’s because this is better than cracking someone’s software just to watch a DVD.

  3. mr.k

    hello… I was try to use youre way… but why the video that show is the red color not see good in my red glass. on the picture on youre sample that the axe on the tree show perfectly 3d on my red-blue glass… is that I need to change something ? or I need to download the new K-lite ?

    please help me…

    • M Riza

      Unfortunately there are no red/blue anaglyph function in Pantarheon, but you may want to try Bino 3D instead for variations of anaglyph output (including for red/blue glasses).

  4. kampachi

    can you please make a step by step tutorial to set up mediaplayer classic with klite codec pack. to play mkv files to its best quality.i tried varous tutorials but not getting the great quality that i am used to on my laptop.i tried it on my desktop but quality is depresingly bad.please help us. thanks for 3d perfectly works for should make video tutorial.
    of it also.

    • M Riza

      You can see on the script that the video resolution was resized to half of its source resolution
      w = c.width()/2
      h = c.height()/2

      If you want to use full resolution, remove the /2 from the script, so the new script will be:
      w = c.width()
      h = c.height()

      The problem is that this method only good for up to 720P, you’ll see poor performance on 1080P video. So for 1080P i suggest you to use 3D media player. You can try Bino3D or KMP media player.

  5. adi

    Hi, RIZA
    got a question before trying out your tutorial. I just got mt new 3d max philips tv with active 3d glasses. since its not Anaglyph will this work for me?

    • M Riza

      Your TV doesn’t need this setting, since it has its own active 3D system and glasses. But you can always watch Anaglyph on any display, ofcourse you also need Anaglyph glasses.

  6. baki

    it worked like a charm. thanks. now, to play original hsbs mkv file (not in anaglyph), what settings r to be changed? is there any way to play and watch hsbs mkv file on pc and watchable by passive 3d glasses?

  7. baki

    i have an onkyo receiver that decodes dtshd ma and dolby truehd audio. i m currently using splash pro player that can send bitsream audio via hdmi and then my onkyo decodes all hd audio. it also displays the audio being played on its front panel. question is, how to configure mpc to send hd audio as bitstrem to my receiver? thanks in advance.

    • M Riza

      To play original hsbs, you just need to disable avisynth (uncheck) on ffdshow raw video decoder configuration. Actually anaglyph is also a passive glasses. Other passive 3D glasses would be polarized technology glasses, but you need a special monitor that designed for 3D like LG 3D TV. There also laptop which designed for 3D like Acer Aspire 3D Laptop.
      And regarding your onkyo receiver, honestly i never use this devices, but maybe this old link can answer your question :

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