This version of WhatsApp is too old message on BlueStacks

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Suddenly got “This version of WhatsApp is too old and no longer function” message this morning while running BlueStacks. I thought it was related to what I’ve done earlier, upgrading WhatsApp. WhatsApp keep telling me that i have the older version of WhatsApp even though I’m using the latest version. It’s confusing me, and i have an appointment with friends in our group chat this morning.

I tried several things like re-installing the app, and remove its folder afterwards, using root uninstaller, install the older version of WhatsApp and even re-installing BlueStacks, but none of those things are work as i expected. After more than 2 hours searching and trouble shooting, i gave my self up. In the end i made a conclusion that WhatsApp no longer support BlueStacks per today, but there are no information and none reported the same problem like me, except some users with iOS and BlackBerry devices.

WhatsApp too old message

Do not Play With Computer Time

But then i realized something unusual happened with some other apps also, like mass sudden apps update. I want to find out more about what causing the trouble in BlueStacks, but i must go to work very soon. Before i turn off the PC, i look into the computer clock to make sure that I’m not late. Then i said “OMG, my computer clock showing 3 months away to the future“, it is should be May but computer showing August on the same date. I’m sure this incorrect time setting on my computer clock causing all those trouble to some apps in BlueStacks especially WhatsApp.

WhatsApp computer clock ilustration

Later after i reset the computer clock using Internet time and then check WhatsApp, it is running fine without any error message. Only, i must re-verify my account number because I’ve re-installed WhatsApp during trouble shooting for several times. A message for everyone, if you got this problem also, firstly check your computer time before wasting more time ruining your setting. So you don’t end up being upset for hours caused by a trivial thing.

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