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Pictures, Videos, Musics, Documents and other files filled your android storage? Better send some of them to your pc as a backup and you can free more space. Meanwhile there are lots of options of transfer methods to transfer files from android to pc either using third party media or direct access.

Transfer speed may vary depend on media used for transfer and size of the files. Let’s start from a simple one.

Transfer files from android to pc with USB transfer

If you like doing transfer trough a cable, than USB transfer might be an option for you. In this option your android will be turn into a storage mode, and then it will be as simple as accessing to and from your external harddisk. In this way, transfer process are done on pc side (for example with windows explorer).

A better step-by-step instruction for usb transfer

android usb transfer

Android to PC file transfer with Bluetooth

For an android and pc with Bluetooth device this can be an option for files transfer. Bluetooth has a bit slow transfer rate, so it will take some time to finish transfer for big size files, but still it’s a good option if you need an easy transfer for a small files. You can either use Bluetooth application from play google or use a simple Bluetooth access from pc.

A video you might want to see about simple bluetooth file transfer

android Bluetooth transfer

More wirelessly method to send files from android to pc using WiFi

There are several application on play google market which can turn your android into a simple web server. The android and pc have to be in the same network range PC will browse the web server trough a web browser to see the list of shared files. Some apps you might want to try.

Wifi FIle Explorer and  Wifi File Transfer

android wifi file transfer/explorer

Third party file transfer with Email

If somehow you are away from pc, email transfer can be an option for you. You can attach media, documents or files within an email, and download them later when you’re on your pc.

android email transfer

There’s still many way to transfer files from android to pc, such as cloud storage, google doc for documents, picasa for image and many others free online media storage. And last if your android has a sdcard than you can just easily grab and plug it into your pc card reader and treat is as an external storage.

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