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Is maintenance needed for ubuntu?, I decided to move to ubuntu on December last year. I was with microsoft windows before and all maintenance was done so easy, beside windows maintenance tools there are many other free tools around we can work with to do maintenance task, i.e ccleaner.

So now I’m thinking about doing the same task as i did before on windows, cleaning and whatever task needed to perform maintenance on my ubuntu.

Ubuntu doesn’t need Disk Defragmenter

Windows has built in defragmenter tool and it is recomended to defragment the disk drive at least once a month. But not with Ubuntu, actually Linux (in this case ubuntu) doesn’t need defragmenting, because linux filesystem (ext3 and ext4) designed to prevent fragmentation (try search about “why linux doesn’t need defragmenting” for more explanation on google). The important thing is to keep your hardisk clean to preserve space for future files.

Disk Cleaner

ubuntu maintenance

A tool like ccleaner does clean a lot of unneeded stuffs from hardisk, temporary files, logs, cleaning registry and many more, to bad they dont create one for linux. On ubuntu there is ubuntu-tweak which has a feature called package cleaner can be use to do system cleaning task. One more tool we can used called BleachBit which focus on cleaning unused stuffs on your harddisk (it is really clean a lot, and some peoples called it a linux ccleaner).

ubuntu maintenance


Anti Virus

On windows i have to stay alert for any usb drive who’ll come to my computer, well i work on a big office which many data come and out everyday trough usb drive, network and email. My computer attacked once because a virus downloaded from email trough MS Outlook  infecting documents and destroying system. But guess what? Linux doesn’t need anti virus, because the permission system on Linux prevent bad thing happen (unless you give them permission to access system files). People install antivirus on the Linux just to handle windows files which might come to their computer (or maybe if they were on dual OS).

I guess maintenance is need on Ubuntu and the task somewhat easier than windows, at least there are 2 items removed from the system maintenance chain.

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