Upload pictures to computer with SkyDrive (Android)

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If you want to upload pictures to computer from Android smartphone, SkyDrive is one of the most easiest way you can find. On my earlier post i wrote about share photos to android, today i’ll show you how to upload pictures you had on android to computer using SkyDrive service from Microsoft. I said “Android” earlier, it doesn’t mean this method limited to only a smartphone. You can also use this method for Android emulator such as AndroVM or even the apps player — BlueStacks.

There are plenty service out there offering free service for cloud storage, one of them was Google Drive and previously mentioned DropBox. All you need to use this service is an account, in this case Microsoft or Live.com account. So make sure you have an account before continue, otherwise get one from login.live.com.

SkyDrive on Computer (Windows)

See in your computer if you already have SkyDrive installed on your Computer, otherwise grab the application from SkyDrive official Website (also supported Mac OS). For windows first setup:

  • Open SkyDrive
  • Click Get Started
  • Sign in with Live.com account (will be the same with Android account)
  • Select SkyDrive save Folder or accept default

Select sync

  • Select Sync all or selection folders
  • Click done.

Now you’ve done setting up skydrive on computer, we’ll continue setting up for Android

SkyDrive on Android

  • Search for SkyDrive from apps search
  • Install SkyDrive (Blue cluds icon)

SkyDrive sign-in

  • Sign in with Live.com account (same account with computer)
  • You’ll see 3 folders after login (Documents, Pictures and Public)

We’re now ready to start uploading pictures to computer, let’s continue.

Upload pictures to SkyDrive

  • On Android SkyDrive interface
  • Select one folder (for Example Pictures)
  • Click on Upload Button (button with up arrow icon)

Select upload photos and videos

  • Choose upload Photos and Videos
  • Select folder of your pictures from BlueStacks Images Gallery

Select files upload

  • Select image and then click on UPLOAD button (right top)
  • Wait for a while for upload process

You can do vice versa, uploading pictures into Android from Computer. Just copy a picture into SkyDrive folder either from Windows explorer or application. You can also use Web interface just in case if you’re on other computer and want to work with shared files.

Export pictures into WhatsApp

You can also export pictures or photos from SkyDrive folder into apps, for example WhatsApp. Just select a picture inside folders (this will bring the picture into detail view).

whatsapp export

Click on top right export button and you’ll be asked to select an app to complete action, select WhatsApp and then select a contact. You can also do this to Viber, Instagram and also Pinger.

SkyDrive tray icon

Sync process will be automatics between android and computer. SkyDrive will scan for update after a new files/pictures uploaded into SkyDrive. You can see an animated tray icon of SkyDrive while syncronizing on Windows as a sign of sync process.

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