WhatsApp and BlueStacks, frequently asked question (FAQ)

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I made a simple frequently asked question based on some of post that related to WhatsApp and BlueStacks. Some visitors and friends keep asking similar question without reading previously question asked by other visitor. Please note that this is not an official answer from WhatsApp and BlueStacks technical support. It’s basically me answering some of visitor questions based on posts i wrote, so if they read this FAQ and found their question already in this post, they’ll not asking the same or similar question again and again.

BlueStacks Questions

Q: Cannot install BlueStacks.

A: Make sure your computer meet the minimum requirement:

  • You must be an Administrator
  • For Windows XP, must be Installed with SP3
  • Installed at least, Windows installer 4.5
  • Installed at least, .NET Framework 2.0 SP2
  • At least has 2GB
  • Default drive must be C:\
  • VGA must be compatible with BlueStacks

Q: Cannot install, error on Video Graphic Card

A: BlueStacks likely doesn’t support your VGA. Possible solution: Update your VGA. More info please read on this link.

Q: Cannot install, RAM not enough

A: Make sure you got at least 2GB RAM on your computer. Possible solution: add more RAM to your computer.

Q: Cannot install, another program that use dock

A: Please refer to this link for solution.

Q: Can i install BlueStacks on Windows XP?

A: Yes you can. Just make sure your computer meet the minimum requirement.

Q: Bitdefender antivirus blocking BlueStacks

A: Unfortunately this known problem for some users. Possible solution:  Update latest version and add BlueStacks to Whitelist .

Q: It’s not installing from the start

A: Try download offline installer from this link.

BlueStacks questions

Q: Is there any alternative for BlueStacks?

A: If you prefer for WhatsApp, the only working emulator is YouWave. Some peoples made it to work with AndroVM, but it’s a bit tricky.

WhatsApp Questions

Q: Is WhatsApp free?

A: It’s free in the first year. Subscription fee is $0.99 for a year, starting form the next year.

Q: Can i install WhatsApp on windows XP?

A: You can only install WhatsApp on BlueStacks, and you can install BlueStacks on Windows XP.

Q: I can’t send a picture,can’t change profile picture it’s always freeze.

A: It’s a known BlueStacks gallery problem. If you got this problem, avoid using Gallery. Possible solution: Update to the latest BlueStacks, if problem persist please read here for another solution.

Q: Can i switch devices from BlueStacks and Smartphone?

A: Yes you can, but don’t switch frequently because at certain point, your account may be blocked from re-verifying.

Q: Can i use both BlueStacks and mobile with the same number?

A: You can’t use at the same time, but you can switch devices.

Q: I can’t install WhatsApp, connection timeout.

A: Try download from play store. You can go to play store through help which is actually a web browser. More info please read here.

Q: How to add contact?

A: On the bottom menu, click on Show Menu button and then click contacts. Click on Show menu one more time, and then you can add contact by clicking new contact.

WhatsApp new contact

Q: How to delete WhatsApp account?

A: To delete account:

  • Click Show Menu button
  • Select Settings
  • Select Account
  • Click delete my account
  • Select country and enter phone number

Have any other question regarding WhatsApp and BlueStacks error or problem? please write a question on comment section. I’ll do my best to find a solution and answer your question.

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