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This maybe a bit old, but have you wondering about run menu in windows 7?. If you noticed on older windows, run menu always placed right after start menu since the fist Win 95 (first windows I’ve ever tried) until Windows xp. Most users wont need this run menu unless they want to run dos on windows 7. For me, i need this dos command to run various things such as ping command to test connection between 2 host, copying files securely without windows explorer, or changing files attribute with attrib to unhide hidden files and folder after virus removal.

For loyal old Microsoft Windows users, they must be missing this run command in windows 7, but don’t worry because the run menu still exists on windows 7, only no more placed after Start menu. There are 3 ways to navigate or use this windows 7 run command, that is:

1. Windows 7 run menu shortcut

If you still remember the older shortcut for run menu, well this shortcut still working evens on windows 7. But if you don’t know, to use shortcut for run menu simply press WINDOWS+R. Please note that everything run on this command will be created with Administrator privileges, so you better know what you are doing.

run menu shortcut

2. Find it on Accessories menu

Now, the actual position of run on windows 7 start menu. Instead placing it after Start, Microsoft deiced to move run menu into accessories. To find it, navigate to START->ACCESORIES->RUN. On accessories menu you can also find command prompt where you can directly run dos command, unless you want to use location shortcut with run menu such as %TMP% to go to windows temporary folder. I guess run menu not important anymore for windows 7, or maybe Microsoft has a better alternative to run menu on windows 7.

run menu actual path

3. Search Programs and Files is the replacement

Like i said before “maybe Microsoft has a better alternative to run menu”, I’ve found that Search Programs and Files menu which placed on the same position as run menu on old windows is doing exactly the same with run menu. Only Search Programs and Files menu has an additional search ability which is a great feature for me. Just type any command in Search Programs and Files menu, and you’ll get the same result as run menu.

run menu replacement

At this moment I’m still with Windows 7, I’m not planing to upgrade to Windows 8, at least not in a couple of months because i have a lot work done in my current system such as documents, database, designing and coding. Maybe when i think i need a new computer, i’ll consider buying Windows 8 and see if this newly Windows has the same run menu.

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