Flash drive USB slow transfer rate, Disk Caching and Copy Utility

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5 months ago : OMG, i have to wait for an hour or two just to to get my 12GB data copied into a backup usb flash drive? I don’t know what’s wrong with my laptop, I’m getting¬†usb slow transfer rate problem. Our office PC can do better than my laptop while we’re on the same OS — 10Mb/s and sometime faster while my laptop getting only¬† 1-3Mb/s and sometime worse than that. There must be something i can do to speedup the transfer rate even just for a little bit.

Today : 5-8Mb/s on Kingstone USB Drive, not bad at all even though still not faster enough to get my 15GB backup data transferred immediately. There are 2 things I’ve done with my laptop settings.

Enabled the Disk Caching.

Right click on the usb flash drive, and click properties, and then hardware. Double click your usb flash drive name (i.e. Kinsgstone Data Traveler) and then click Policies tab and select “Better Performance”.


Please note, this option require you to use “safety remove hardware” feature otherwise data loss or damage my occur on your usb flash drive.

Use a File Copy utility.

Tools like TeraCopy or FastCopy indeed boost the transfer rate either on internal hardisk copy or to usb plug and play storage device. There are many of them you can find, just search trough Google and you’ll get one. Your choice to get a freeware Copy utility or buy a commercial one. Some of them can work along with System Internal Disk Cache, which can add more speed to the usb transfer rate. Just check and find it in the option or setting menu.

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