Touch screen keyboard in the future

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You have any idea of what kind of touch screen keyboard or touch screen monitor in the future?, watch Iron Man or the Avenger and you’ll see an impressing gadgets used by Tony Stark. I have this kind of dream where i can touch all the air around me, a virtual 3D holographic display projected by a small device size not bigger than 4 inch android phone. All projected image are touchable and controllable.

Any chance that our technology will heading to this kind of gadgets? The only problem of projection technology is a media. You can’t really project something into the air, a media is needed. The holographic projection is a close one, only you can’t really bring the projector anywhere like what you did to your gadgets.

holographic gadgets

But who knows? remember 30 years ago, how did your father wrote an email? a pen, a pencil and a typewrite right? and look what you have now, a small thin box which you can touch on the screen and control everything from it like writing email. I remember what my grand mother said about her mother thought, her mother said the someday people will see a flaying iron and ride on it, and there will be peoples walking inside a square box, we can see now as a plane and a TV.

Tony Stark, virtual touch screen

I’ve heard that apple’s teams already work on 3D holographic display projection, and there is a laser projection keyboard already on sale. I’t would be great if those technologies are combined into one, where the 3D holographic display mixed with laser keyboard thus can become a holographic touch screen keyboard and monitor but without using a media, all are projected in to the air, and that would be awesome (still people need to find away to project things into air). Someone already have a close idea about it, you might wanna see this video of iPhone 5 (the video was only a concept, don’t take it to serious).

iPhone 5 Holographic Keyboard

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