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My official 3g broadband modem’s application came with many features which i never used. I usually dial the internet through a internet access icons in the system tray, the 3g modem connection setting was saved automatically on the Dial-up and VPN list.

If i really need to use the application it’s because i need to see the 3g signal, and then minimizing the application after clicking “Connect” button or after the button changed into “Connected” and the WCDMA bar changed into HSDPA.

3g modem connect - dial up and vpn

3G modem connect is an alternative application for my current official gsm modem connect, almost everything i needed are designed in the simple GUI. Not intended to set it as a permanent replacement of the old gsm modem dialer, because sometime in the rare case i need the old application for manually registering the modem into 3g network. Otherwise the indicator led on the modem device will keep blinking, a sign that the modem is searching for a valid network, it’s happening sometimes.

3g modem connect

We don’t usually watch the modem dialer application interface while surfing the Internet, well maybe for once or two when we feel the internet running a bit slow than usual, just to check what’s happening with the 3g signal, are we on HSDPA right now or hows the transfer speed on this moment.

3g modem connect traffic window

I guess that’s why 3G modem connect will automatically minimized after few seconds and left the traffic mini windows in high opacity, even though we still can see the traffic bar. Really a simple and clean GUI application and consume only 6,5mb memory and i see zero percent processor from the task manager process tab. Read on the developer page here if you want to know more.

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