Android apps store download problem inside BlueStacks

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On previous post about sync photos on PC and BlueStacks with DropBox, some peoples having problem downloading DropBox and some android apps on BlueStacks using default android apps store. Sometime download success after several times retrying but sometime it keep failing to download with connection error. It come to frustration if you want to change WhatsApp profile picture with a photo you had on computer, but keep getting error on downloading DropBox inside BlueStacks (you can also watch this tutorial on YouTube).

When you search for an Android app on BlueStacks, it will ask you to choose for another apps stores if they can’t find the app you’re looking for on default BlueStacks Android apps store.

Apps Stores Selection

The problem sometime occur when computer failed to connect to the server. You’ll see selection for Apps Stores window which indicated they can’t find the apps on default apps store (You can see the list of all available apps on BlueStacks home menu).

Alternative Android Apps Store

Fortunately as default BlueStacks also  installed with several alternative apps store, which can be a solution if BlueStacks failed to communicate with their default apps store. On default there are 3 Apps Stores installed on BlueStacks that is GetJar, Amazon Apps Store and 1Mobile.

Apps Stores

To find this apps stores list simply Click on Apps Stores from BlueStacks main menu (Home).

1Mobile Market

Google Play Store is not officially enabled on current version of BlueStacks, but you can see it was there already on Apps Stores selection list (see 1st screenshot, apps Store selection). But as an alternative you can use 1Mobile from the list. This Android Apps Store has a better collection of apps than BlueStacks default store. I’ll show it on the following steps on getting to 1Mobile apps store.

1Mobile market

  • Back to BlueStacks main menu (Home).
  • Click on Apps Stores menu
  • On Apps Stores list, click on 1Mobile (last apps store).
  • Start searching apps by clicking search button on top right window.

Official Google Play Store

Not sure if this method allowed, but since the app was there already, we can also use Google official Play Store. To do this follow the following steps.

  • Back to BlueStacks main menu again (Home).
  • Click on My Apps (List of installed Apps).
  • Click on Help (This will take you to official BlueStacks Forum).

BlueStacks help forum web

  • On URL address form, type (Change the address to Google Play Store website).
  • When asked about Complete action using, select Play Store (optional: check on use by default for this action to auto use Play Store for later).

select play store

  • You are now on official Google Play Store and ready to search for apps.

Google play store

There should be no more problem on installing Apps on BlueStacks. Otherwise check your connection and firewall policy. Disable personal firewall if you have it, or ask your network administrator to allow connection to Google Play Store if they put it on block policy.


After the last update, BlueStacks has changed their layout including the removal of app store menu. But you still can use the Google Play Store trick — using help app to get into play store. More info please read here.

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