BBM for PC this summer, release plan for iOS and Android

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Blackberry officially announced a plan to launch BBM for iOS and Android this summer. That’s a great chance for BlueStacks users to have chat with BlackBerry users through the new BBM app for Android. Although there still no clear information for what would the app will be and can it be installed on BlueStacks, but very I’m happy to know that there will be a chance for real BBM for PC on this summer — not another BB synchronizer.

For several years BBM has been an exclusive app for BlackBerry smartphones. Many peoples wondering for this moment since long time ago, hoping for BlackBerry to let other platform to join their messaging network which has more than 51 million daily active users.

bbm for pc, it's coming to iOS and Android

If this plan is like what we expected, BBM app will more like the other popular mobile messaging services such as WhatsApp and Viber which already support multi-platform smartphones including BlackBerry.

BlackBerry plans to make BBM, our wildly popular mobile messaging service, available for the first time to iOS® and Android™ users this summer, (subject to approval by Google Play and the Apple App Store, as applicable) —

Some peoples doubt that this BBM app will be a free stuff, even though BlackBerry said that we can download BBM app for free from Apple® App StoreSM for iOS devices and Google Play store for Android. But there still no clue related to services fee for iOS and Android. Are we have to pay per message or  is there a subscription fee just like WhatsApp? or maybe it just a service for iOS and Android which require you to sync to BlackBerry device in order to start messaging.

bbm coming to android and ios

According to BlackBerry’s blog, on multi-platform BBM app, user only able to experience some of BBM features on BlackBerry device (not all features), that is The immediacy of BBM chatsMulti-person chatsVoice note sharing and BlackBerry Groups for up to 30 peoples (sounds like a great rival for WhatsApp). Meanwhile, let’s welcome and hope the best for BBM app as well as its network on Android.

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