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Some friends of mine are lecturers, all of them has their own gadgets for presentation or office purpose which is either tablet or laptop. Even tough there are many educational software to support learning process on class but most of them are stick to only use their gadget for presentation only. Indeed that in order to bring internet technology (IT) based education system into a classroom is not that simple, there are many resources needed which mean more costs.

As for infrastructures we have 2 computers labs to support education system and more over internet hotspot for students that reach almost of the classes. I said to one of them that we should try to utilize those available resources to bring IT based education system into teaching and learning process, and there is one opensource education software which could be useful for this purpose – iTALC.

iTALC is a use- and powerful didactical tool for teachers. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways (

Seeing some peoples who managed to get their iTALC running on their classroom, we began to seriously discussing about the implementation of our planed system to many other peoples in our educational environment.

education system

But that’s not a simple task, many other lecturer thinks that the education system based on IT is useless (even tough we told them that this is an opensource), they’ve tried several times for many kind of education system – e-learning, mailing lists, local forum and even a simple email system didn’t work well even until now. The senior lecturers which has a Prof. before their name always stick with their conventional teaching and learning method – lecture method.

For the rest of them who are interested in iTALC education software keep continuing their work even without the official suppor, after-all it’s an open source educational software and the infrastructure that we have are free to use.

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