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It’s been long time for me wondering such features on Gmail. I’ve found it easier sorting for unread messages on Yahoo mail. You can see “SORT BY DATE” menu above the senders on new yahoo or simply click on “Unread Messages” on Yahoo classic. Just click the link, select all emails, and then you can set any action to all selected emails.

Sometime you just keep ignoring spams, notifications from Facebook or maybe subscription emails until you see a large number of unread. You can easily handle the number on Yahoo mail, because sort menu link is visible. But what about Gmail, how to search or sort for unread email and view them on Gmail. Well, here’s the simple steps.

  • On Gmail hover on Inbox link on the left menu.
  • You will see hover effect background, look at the end of the line.
  • There should be a small button with upsides down triangle, click on it.

Unread sorting menu

  • You can now see several Inbox Type menu, click on “Unread First” to view and sort ascending based on unread.
  • If you want to select all messages, click on checkbox bellow search form.

select all emails

  • Select from available button inline with the checkbox for action such as delete and archive.
  • Or click on “more” button if you want to set another filter or mark to the messages.

Google somehow made it harder for a beginner, especially for peoples with non English native language. I’ve got this question several times already. They used to use Yahoo for composing and sending email. But they also complaining about the attachment system on Yahoo (especially for yahoo classic).

Yahoo attachment, take forever to complete

So i told them about Gmail which is better for attaching documents. They satisfied about their new email, but several days later they told me that they confused on several things like viewing and sorting all Gmail unread messages and locating spam inbox location.

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