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After getting WhatsApp, Pinger and Viber installed on my PC, today i’d like to get one of the most popular social app called instagram on computer (laptop or pc). Not like the previously done where all messaging apps installed through BlueStacks, today i would also like to get instagram on AndroVM. Both application work on computer or PC (in my case Windows 7).

What is androVM? It is an Android mobile OS emulated on Virtual Machine, in this case Virtual Box. You might need to read my earlier post about getting this application run with 3D hardware support and how to get it only show single window.

Install Instagram for pc through BLueStacks on Windows

This is basically the same method with the previously done, download BlueStacks from their official website and then launch the installer, wait until installer finished downloading libraries, data and install process (just read one of my earlier post about getting WhatsAppPinger and Viber for PC, on BLueStacks section).

search instagram

Now, on BLueStacks home menu. Click on search icon to start searching instagram. Usually the official app will be shown on the first result, just select install the first result to start download and installing this app (of course you can also see the icon to make sure).

select apps store

On apps store selection, choose the latest apps store (Google Play Store). You’ll need Google account to use this store. A moment later you will be redirected to instagram on Google play store app, click install.

tablet mode

After app installed, if you run this app now you will see that it was rotated 90 degree to the right (at least in my case), this mean instagram as default configured to run on phone mode in BlueStacks. To fix this, close instagram and click on settings menu (bottom right menu). Click on Change app size and find instagram. Change from default to tablet mode. Click done and then run instagram again.

instagram on bluestacks

Instagram now running on tablet mode.

Running instagram on computer through AndroVM

Assume you already read my earlier post about getting androVM with 3D hardware support before continue to this section. But it was actually easy to get AndroVM on Windows, just install VirtualBox and then import AndroVM ova file. You only need 3D hardware if you run 3D apps such as games. If you not using any 3D apps, just use the default AndroVM setting.

androvm 3d hardware support

Getting Instagram on androVM is some how easier than BlueStacks, because as default androVM only has 1 apps store (Google Play Store). Now on AndroVM window, click on Apps list menu and then click Play Store. On search bar and type Instagram, you’ll see several result on auto-complete search, select Instagram. You’ll be redirected into instagram page, click Install to start download and install process.

instagram on play store

Do not start instagram for now because if you run now instagram will run in phone mode which will be difficult for you to navigate the menu since the androVM was run on PC (landscape screen). We need to install one more app called “Rotation locker“. This app will lock screen to whatever screen orientation you want (either landscape or portrait).

rotation locker search

On play store search bar, type Rotation Locker and click on the first shown result. Click Install to start install process.

rotation locker - landscape

Now back to Android main menu (home menu), run Rotation Locker and select landscape (click and hold for a while for persistent mode). After Rotation locker run on bacground, you can now run instagram. It will now run on tablet mode (landscape screen).

This is might not be the best way to get instagram on computer, but at least this is the only way to get it run on windows pc (with android emulator and apps player) since there is no official instagram application for pc.

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