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Pinger is one of the most popular free messaging service in USA. Their services included 10 minutes free calls to any numbers in US and Canada (60 minutes free calls for Pinger ex). Unfortunately this app only support iOS and Android devices, moreover pinger ex not yet available for Android, it only available to iOS devices.

But if you read my earlier about whatsapp for windows, WhatsApp and many other Android based messenger apps (including pinger) are available for BlueStacks. Which mean you can have pinger for PC through BlueStacks. If you don’t know BlueStacks, this software enable us to run Android Apps on PC (Windows) and Mac OS.

Pinger makes texting, calling and picture messaging free. Free this year, next year – free any year, for all your messages all over the globe (pinger).

Haven’t read my earlier post?, don’t worry i will summarize the earlier post for you, but with pinger installation.

Install BlueStacks

Simply download and install BlueStacks from here. Wait for a while until BlueStcks download and installation complete. Sometime it take several minutes to hours depends on connection speed.

installing bluestacks

Install Pinger

When BlueStacks installation complete, on its main window you’ll see several icons of available apps for BlueStacks. Unfortunately pinger is not officially listed in Messaging menu, but don’t worry you just need to search for it on search form.

  • Click on search icon on top left main menu (Luv icon).
  • Type pinger and press enter, wait for a while until it shows the results.

search for pinger

  • The app will be shown on the first place search result (big purple single quote icon).
  • Click Install.
  • If somehow BlueStacks failed to connect to apps server, and you have to manually choose apps server, choose google play (a bag with android icon).

google play

  • Wait until installation completed, and pinger will be ready.

Rotated window (screen) problem

On my first run, the app screen was rotated 90 degree to the right (the app think that we’re on phone mode).

rotated right 90 degree

To fix this problem we need to set the app to run on tablet mode. To do this:

  • Click on Settings menu (bottom right).

button setting

  • Click Change app size.
  • On Pinger Choose app size setting, and check on Tablet.

tablet setting

  • Click Done, and restart pinger.
  • It will now run in Tablet mode.

You’ll need a postal code for registration process, and in the end of registration you’ll get a phone number. Happy messaging and have fun.

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