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Another messenger apps for PC, today we going to get Viber for computer or Windows PC through BlueStacks. Please note that Viber officially support Windows, which mean they have native Windows application. Go grab it on their website if you want to use Viber without BlueStacks. But basically we can install most of any android apps and games on BLueStacks without any problem, except some apps doesn’t allow to be installed on tablet devices or devices that only support WiFi. If you prefer another complete android feature on computer you might also like to try AndroVM which is an Android on Virtual machine. Unfortunately we can’t install some messenger apps such as WhatsApp and Viber on androVM because of unsupported devices.

Now back to viber. It is a cross platform mobile messaging apps. It support iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia and Bada from Samsung.  Viber let us make free phone calls, free text and photo messaging to any viber user. This apps automatically sync with contact in your mobile phone, so if one of your friends is a registered user, you can then communicate to him/her for free through viber.

Viber is an application that lets you make free phone calls and send text and photo messages for free to anyone who also has the application installed (

Install BlueStacks

To get viber for windows PC you must first download and install BlueStacks. Simply go to its official website and grab the download for windows link. Afther downloading the link, double click the file and the setup will continue to the main setup process. Wait for a while until download and installation completed (BlueStacks also support Mac OS which mean you can also have Viber for Mac OS).

installing BlueStacks

Install Viber

Now that you have BlueStacks installed, run this application and navigate to small search button on top right of BlueStacks home window (right side of Messaging button). Click the search button, and then type Viber on search box. Click on the first result (Viber : Free Calls & Messages).

search viber

If asked about AppStores that’s mean BlueStacks can’t find it on their official appstore. Just select Viber on the last AppStore which is the official Google Play store to continue installation (a bag with Android icon). A Google account is required on this step, use your gmail account.

select appstore

On Google play store, click Install button on the right top window. Next click Accept & Download to accept the permission statement.

google play strore

Wait for a while until installation completed notification appear on system tray. Now back to BLueStacks home window by clicking home icon on the mid bottom menu and then Go to My Apps. You can now see Viber with grey Installed mark on it.

Running Viber

Click on Viber Icon. On first run you’ll be presented with the Welcome window, click Continue. Next will be a permission to access address book, click OK.

permission address book

Now this part require you to have a valid phone number. Select your country and fill the number with a valid phone number. Click continue and wait for SMS code on your phone.

Phone number required

After SMS code received, fill the access code on viber registration with a 4 digit code you got on your phone and then Continue.

4 digit code verification

Now the last steps, enter a name for your display name and add photo to your viber profile. Click save and continue. You can sync contact from your Gmail account with Viber, but If you don’t have any contact, you can easily add one by clicking All menu (mid top) and then click Add. Happy messaging and have fun.

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