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As everybody knows, WhatsApp is a popular mobile messaging app designed for smartphones — iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia S40, Symbian, Windows Phone and Android. WhatsApp doesn’t support Tablet and PC based gadget even Android or iOS tablet because of phone number requirement. Fortunately there is an Android emulator which is enable us to run WhatsApp on its system — BlueStacks.

BlueStacks called them self as an Android Apps player, which designed specially for running android apps on Computer or PC. BlueStacks support WinXP, Vista, Win7, Win8 and Mac OS. With this application we can test thousands of android apps, playing 3D games and chatting through Android messaging apps including WhatsApp. This is how i run WhatsApp on Windows 7 Laptop.

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia (

Please Β note that BlueStacks was not officially supported by WhatsApp even though it is running fine on BlueStacks. This is only for testing purpose, because it suppose to run only on mobile phone and not on Computer or Windows 7Β PC, or even laptop or tablet devices. But if you don’t have smartphone or any other supported mobile phone devices, this is a great alternative for you. Now let’s continue to install WhatsApp for Windows 7.
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BlueStacks requirements

In order to run BlueStacks, a Windows PC must meet the minimum requirement:

  1. Must be installed using Administrator privilege
  2. For Windows XP, must be installed with XP SP3 update
  3. Windows installer must be updated to version 4.5 or above
  4. Windows must be installed with .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 or above
  5. Your computer must have At least 2GB RAM
  6. The default drive is C:\
  7. VGA must be compatible with BlueStacks

BlueStacks, android apps player

Download BlueStacks

  • On BlueStacks official website, download web installer by selecting “Download XP, Vista, Win7 (Beta)” download link.
  • Wait patiently because it will take sometime to download and install process will continue afterwards.
  • Enable App store access and notification during install.
  • It will start in full screen at the beginning, click toggle full screen button to switch to window mode.
  • You can also download the official offline installer from this link if you want to install BlueStacks without internet connection.
  • To upgrade BlueStacks, simply download the new web installer from BlueStacks website and run the installer.

BlueStacks install, whatsapp windows 7

Install WhatsApp

  • Now that BlueStacks installed and running, on its main menu click on search icon and then type WhatsApp and click find.
  • Click install button on the first result.
  • You’ll be asked to setup 1-click sync (one time setup) to enable app store, press continue.
  • Now you need to provide Google account, either Create for new account or Sign in if you already have one.

Setup 1-click sync - add Google account

  • When all done and the previous search result appeared, click install again to start installation.
  • You will be asked to choose among 3 apps store, select play store (the 3rd columns) and install.
  • Run WhatsApp and continue to registration/validation process.

WhatsApp on Windows 7, install process

WhatsApp Registration

  • WhatsApp require a phone number for registration and validation process.
  • Select country and fill number with a valid and active phone number or your current mobile phone.
  • It will try to send you sms with 6 digit code during validation process.
  • If sms verification failed, you will be asked to use call method where machine call your phone and telling you 6 code number.
  • Enter validation code carefully because if you fail to fill with the right code, you have to wait for a hour before you can request another code.
  • Set a name afterwards and click next button on right top screen to continue.

registration - whatsapp on windows 7

Add Contacts

  • To add contacts, click on settings button (bottom right menu) and select manage contacts.
  • Or inside WhatsApp, click show menu (bottom 3 lines icon button) and select contacts.
  • On screen you’ll see instruction to add contacts.
  • Click show menu button and select new contact.
  • Don’t forget to add “+” sign and country code before contact number.
  • Back to WhatsApp, click on right top button to continue to contact list.
  • Select contact to start messaging or chat.

add contacts - whatsapp for pc

Create Group Chat

  • On WhatsApp first menu (not contact list) click Show Menu and click New Group.
  • Add icon and set a group name. Click next on top right to continue.
  • Add group participants by entering name from your contact.
  • When all done, click Create on top right menu to create group.
  • You can add max to 50 friends into group chat.
  • To add more member, on group chat open menu and select Group Info.
  • Select add participants to start adding member.

WhatsApp for windows PC, create group chat

WhatsApp is now ready for your Windows 7 PC or Laptop. If you close BlueStacks, it will stay on system tray and keep informing for every incoming message as long as your computer connected to internet. Read also about sharing files and photos between BlueStacks and PC, and also change your WhatsApp profile picture using images from PC with DropBox.

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86 Comments → “Install WhatsApp on Windows 7”

  1. Prob

    Bluestack nt instalin giving different errors

    • M Riza

      Hi, you not providing any other information about your install problem.
      If you have problem while running their online setup, try google for blustacks offline setup.
      If there is error message about rocketdock, try read here, otherwise try ask or look for solution on their (bluestacks) official support forum.

  2. mulaniari

    wow. this is great
    I am downloading it right now. thanks for sharing

    • M Riza

      Hi, thx for comment.

  3. Jithin Johny George

    I had already tried blusestack and it doesn’t looks so cool, is there any alternatives for bluestack ?

    • M Riza

      I’m afraid not if you preferring for whatsapp, other than that androvm is a great alternative.

  4. ftg

    Its not compatible with bitdefender antivirus

    • M Riza

      Yea, sadly it’s true.
      I saw several peoples complaining about this.
      But on bluestacks official forum, i saw someone said about installing bluestacks in safe mode with network support.
      I don’t test it by my self since I’m not using bitdefender, so not sure if it can help.

  5. loveu

    I have done everything but to verify it cant connect. How can i set up so the application has internet access

  6. M Riza

    Well, if you can download BlueStacks and WhatsApp, that’s mean you had internet access. Maybe a router/firewall or your ISP blocking access to WhatsApp server.
    Try disable personal firewall if you have one, or ask your network administrator to open access to WhatsApp server if it’s blocked.

  7. ravin

    hi i m using bluestack.simply……..

  8. Chaitanya

    After downloading bluestacks this application gives an error on graphic card . Even though having a 1 gb graphic card I dont understand how much graphics the angry birds game needs.. and i cant install the application . I need whatsapp. Please reply as early as possible

    • M Riza

      Hi, please visit bluestacks official support (click here) and also discussion on blustacks forum (click here) regarding your Bluestacks and graphic card problem.

  9. nuel

    hi,everything worked fine until the final part. it page freezes and the installed apps couldn’t display or run because of the freezing page. wish i could send you the pics.

  10. Pallavi Mishra

    hello . i am using bluestack for whatsapp. but how to upload pic on whatsapp. whenever i am trying. it is caunsing blustack is not responding

    • M Riza

      Hi, some peoples also having the same problem as you (read here) and still no official solution from BlueStacks. Try report the problem directly from bluestacks (right click bluestacks tray icon and report problem), and hope they fix this problem on the next update. But meanwhile make sure you have the latest .netframework (the 3.5 netframework) and try upgrade you graphic cards

  11. otan

    can i install whatsapp on windows xp too?

    • M Riza

      To install whatsapp on windows xp you need bluestacks, please re-read again the above article.
      But before installing bluestacks on win xp, according to this page, XP SP3 is required, and also you need Windows installer 4.5, .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and at least 1GB RAM (2GB recommended).
      Some graphics cards are incompatible with bluestacks. If you see error message regarding graphics cards first try update the driver, if it not solving the error, that’s mean bluestacks not support your vga.

  12. Roger

    can i switch over to using whatsapp on smart phone after using it on the pc with the same account?

    • M Riza

      Sure you can, as long as you use the same number and only on one devices.
      But becareful not to switch devices frequently, according to WhatsApp faq:

      If you attempt to frequently switch your WhatsApp account between different devices, at a certain point, you may be blocked from re-verifying your account. So please do not repeatedly switch between different devices.

  13. Roger

    Okk..that’s cool..thanks a lot for the info πŸ™‚ so it means, if i use whatsapp on my pc for 4 months..and then i want to quit whatsapp on pc n use it on smartphone from that point onwards, i can continue with no changes in the account, number to be done..ryt??

    • M Riza

      Yup, but remember that chat history including images was saved on current device, so if you moved to new device all will be gone.

  14. deepak

    on my atom processer based mini laptop bluestacks not downloading. msg ” grafic card not recognized

    • M Riza

      BlueStacks already wrote their official information regarding graphics card compatibility (Please read reply on Chaitanya’s comment).

  15. angel

    thanku so much.. πŸ™‚

  16. key

    i succesfully downloaded blue stack but i can’t install it in my pc because my RAM not enough space how to fix it? thanks

    • M Riza

      BlueStacks require at least 1GB main ram (2GB recomended). Try add more ram to your computer.

  17. ankit

    how can i use bluestacks if I have internet connection through WiFi?

    • M Riza

      BlueStacks will use default internet connection configured on your computer. Just make sure you can connect to internet with that WiFi setting.

  18. giovanni

    woow mine is working perfectly first i was facing problem with graphic apdates and i followed the instructions and walaaaa am through now.thank you very much.but there is one thing i will like to know,i have synced my phone with my laptop but all my contacts and pictures are not showing so please kindly show me what to do next.thank you.

    • M Riza

      Pictures and contacts are store locally on devices, except Gmail contact.
      To share pictures between PC and Phone you can use free cloud storage service such as DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive.
      To import contact to WhatsApp, export contact from your phone and save it to your cloud storage you use to share between pc and phone (for example dropbox), and then you can import saved contact on shared folder from BlueStacks.

  19. pawan

    can i usewhatsapp on pc with window 7 and ram 1 gb

    • M Riza

      You has the minimum required amount of ram for BlueStacks (you need it for WhatsApp). So i guess BlueStacks will work on your PC. But consider adding more ram for at least total 2GB, because 2GB is officially recommended by BlueStacks team.

  20. Rizq

    Hi Riza, I am using youwave software on Windows 7. It installed well, Whatsapp also installed well, buy my problem is this that I am behind proxy server and there is no option to put proxy info in Whatsapp or even in phone Browser. After installation of Whatsapp, it is unable to authenticate the contact number, either by sms or by calling, just because of proxy server. Any solution to this?

    • M Riza

      Since whatsapp doesn’t support proxy, i guess you can try tunnel connection such as pptp or vpn. This will set your whole internet access to use remote connection.

  21. marcel

    i downloaded bluestacks but i can’t download whatsapp the system is keeping on saying “network experiencing some problems” so why is it so because i’m downloading other softwares using the same quality wifi

    • M Riza

      Try download directly from other apps stores with bluestacks. Read here for more detail how.

  22. Rishabh

    BluStacks’ installation shows an error:

    This application requires at least 2 GB of physical memory.
    if that’s talking about my RAM. its just 1 GB.
    suggest a way out.

    • M Riza

      Well, they officially said that 1GB free RAM is required and recommended for 2GB physical RAM. I guess the only way out is by adding more RAM to your computer.

  23. eddy

    do I have to pay to use every session ?
    I can’t add a picture to send out. why ?

  24. usman

    can we use whatsapp on both bluestacks and mobile with the same number???

    • M Riza

      As i said on previous comment, yes you may use one number for several devices. But at certain point you could be blocked from re-verifying your account if you switch devices frequently.

  25. Shubham

    it is not downloading from start.

    • M Riza

      Whats was not downloading, Bluestacks or WhatsApp?

  26. isha

    i am not able to install bluestack in my windows xp having sp3…
    if i install bluestacks then it gives an error of operation failed after installing 90%… and if i install bluestack for sp3 the it gives the following error

    download_bluestacks_for_windows_xp_sp3_downloader_in_99250.exe.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read.

    plz help…

  27. jaspreet

    After downloading bluestack software I was trying to install it but cudn’t do so as it shows this msg ” the application failed to initialise properly” temme wat to do???? πŸ™

    • M Riza

      It’s look like you’re having compatibility problem or your computer does not meet the minimal requirement for BlueStacks installation.
      Requirement for BlueStacks:

      • Must be an Administrator
      • Installed with SP3 for Windows XP
      • At least: Windows installer 4.5
      • At least: .NET Framework 2.0 SP2
      • At least: 1GB RAM, 2GB is recommended
      • Default drive: C:\
      • VGA must be compatible with BlueStacks (for more info, please read here
  28. ahmed

    hey i am having troble while installation blue stack it shows error about sp3 what is “sp3”

    • M Riza

      If you’re using XP, make sure your system installed with the latest service pack update (SP3). You can download the update from official Microsoft website.

  29. Krishna Wijaya

    work well on my pc, thanks for the info.

  30. Aditya

    i downloaded blue stacks but it is askin for 2gb physical memory i alredy have 8 gb free memory in c drive still the error is coming plzz help bro

    • M Riza

      Hi, 2GB physical memory mean 2GB of RAM. Harddisk and RAM are not the same hardware.

  31. Shabana

    I use your app,its amazing but now i want to delete my account,
    can you help me with the step that i delete my account.

    • M Riza

      Based on WhatsApp FAQ, to delete account:

      • Click Show Menu
      • Settings
      • Account
      • Delete my account
      • Select country and enter phone number
  32. Guy

    I managed to install everything, but the Whatsapp screen that I get is extremely limited, unlike yours.

    The only option I have is to “tell a friend” and then only through Twitter or Facebook, neither of which I have.

    • M Riza

      You need to add contact into first.
      On the bottom menu, click on “Show Menu” button and then click contacts.
      Click on Show menu one more time, and then you can add contact by clicking new contact.

  33. hemant

    is there any charge after registering my mobile number for verification code?

    • M Riza

      Nope, WhatsApp is free for a year.

  34. Paramesh

    “Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again.”
    The above message is appearing when i am trying to install Bluestacks on my Pc.
    I am using windows 7 and 3GB RAM.
    Please help me to install Blustacks.
    Thank you.

    • M Riza

      It’s look like your VGA doesn’t compatible with BlueStacks. Try update your VGA driver.

  35. harsh

    I’m not able to install bluestacks it shows”Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognize your graphics card. It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated. Please update them and try installing again”
    I have 2gb ram and core 2 duo processor i have all updated drivers also……i have checked from intel official site also then also it shows ur drivers r updated

  36. Guest


    i’ve installes Blue Stacks on my PC to use Whatsapp, cause i have NO smartphone.
    actually my quastion ist, where can i find the chat history of whatsapp on my pc?

    is it in: C/Program Data/Blue Stacks/Android/SDCard.sparsefs/Store or ~/Data.sparsefs/Store and how can i open the Store-file to read the history?

    thx in advance

    • M Riza

      WhatsApp history is stored as an encrypted file inside WhatsApp/Databases folder on BlueStacks. There is a tool named WhatsApp Xtract.
      Download, extract and read README file, there is a step by step instruction for backup and reading WhatsApp chat history.

  37. Mike

    Not a huge deal but I like hitting the ENTER key to send a message. having to click the arrow “Send” key to submit a message is a little annoying, giving what we are actually doing here I am still very impressed. but is there anyway to have the ENTER key emulate the send message button?

    • M Riza

      Sure, you can enable this function on : Menu -> Settings -> Chat Settings -> “Enter is Send”.

  38. sagar

    hey riza i’m download bluestcks but its error 25000 and say that plz update your graphics drivers but my laptod does’n have graphic card

    • M Riza

      This could be due to your vga not compatible with BlueStacks. Try update your driver to the latest version.
      All computers has a vga, just check it on device manager under display adapter menu.

  39. pavan

    How much time it takes fr downloading runtime data from past one hour its downloading
    i m fed up installing these

    • M Riza

      It’s depend on internet connection.
      Just leave the setup alone and do some other things, normally it take 1 to 2 hours (for me it took more than an hours). If you don’t like to wait, try use the offline installer.

  40. shah

    Had an older version of bluestacks, recently upgraded and now its not working after upgrading stuck at “LOADING…” .. dont know why but tried unistalling and reinstalling 5 o 6 times, yet the same “LOADING…” .. tried reinstalling the older version but again it automatically upgrades to latest version and again “LOADING…”
    spend last three days on this .. hope you can help me out.. it would be very helpful if you explaing in much more simpler language.. im not a techie
    thank you πŸ™‚

    • M Riza

      Hi, shah.
      Try uninstall the old bluestacks and remove all its related folders:

      • C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks
      • C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks
      • C:\ProgramData\BlueStacksSetup

      If problem persist, try the offline installer instead.

      • shah

        Thanx for your quick response..
        FYI, i forgot to mention that i use bluestack as emulation for android on my Toshiba laptop …i uninstalled the bluestack program (C:\Program Files (x86)\BlueStacks) and deleted the folders (C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks,,C:\ProgramData\BlueStacksSetup)..
        Now should i download BLuestacks again? is this stuck at “LOADING…” happens with the latest version of bluestacks ? if so , is there any other way i can get the bluestacks on my laptop ? My lappy does have a 2gb RAM
        why does the page stucks at “LOADING…” ?
        and what is offline installer? would you share the link to an offline installer if that will work for me ..

      • shah

        the following is the details of my graphic card
        Name: ATI mobility Radeon HD 4500 series
        Manufacturer : ATI INc.
        Chip type : ATI display adapter(0x9553)
        DAC type: Internal DAC 400MHz memory : 1750 MB
        Current display mode: 1366×768(32 bit)60 Hz
        Monitor : Generic PnP monitor

      • M Riza

        Ah, I’m sorry, i misunderstood your previous question. I thought that you mentioned about the loading screen during installation.
        I’m not sure if this could also work on you but please try do a clean uninstall by choosing “No” when it ask you to save app/game/user data during uninstall (this will delete all your previous data and settings). Delete all related folders and then re-install BlueStacks.
        If you want to use offline installer please read my earlier reply. I hope this could solve your problem.

      • maninder

        error show 25000 plz help

      • M Riza

        Based on others previous comment on error 25000, it seems like BlueStacks doesn’t support your VGA, or you need to update your driver.

  41. shah

    Tried the offline installer too… Bluestacks installed and when i started , its stuck in the “LOADING…” page πŸ™
    why is this happening ?when i googled about being stuck at loading page, i saw few answers for which some given the feedback as it worked for them… i tried reading and reading it again but could not understand a single word πŸ˜›

    • M Riza

      Hi, have you tried fresh install?
      Uninstall your current BlueStacks, and during uninstall you’ll be asked to save app/game/user data, choose “NO”, and then try install BlueStacks again.

      • shah

        yup i did .. i did a clean unistall and reinstalled the offline installer yet the same damn LOADING… this is **** ..!! πŸ™

      • M Riza

        Hi, something sounds not right either on your computer system or hardware. Last things:

        • Check if BlueStacks is not blocked by other program (Firewall or Anti Virus) and it’s allowed to communicate through internet
        • Try give C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks folder full access to user by:
          • right clicking folder
          • properties
          • security tab
          • edit
          • select user and check on Full control (click here for screenshot)
          • Reinstall BlueStacks

        I wish i can help you more, but i really have no idea for what thing causing problem on your PC. If problem persists, i suggest you to report your problem through right click tray icon and “Report Problem”.

  42. Rishabh

    Can I run it on the proxy? I mean, my internet connection uses proxy settings but I am unable to find any option of using Whatsapp on PC by using the proxy activated network. Please reply asap!

    • M Riza

      Hi, please use VPN or PTPP instead of proxy for your system (not for bluestacks).

  43. Nishant

    Hii riza core 2 processor,nd ram 1 gb , system type 32 bit ,and it is windows 7 but it does not the work in my pc

    • M Riza

      Hi, Bluestacks require 2GB ram.

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