Internet safety tips: how to safe on the internet

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You might find a better tips from other internet security expert around the net, but let me give you some additional internet safety tips on how to safe on internet. Please note that there are no such 100% secure on online/internet activity. In my opinion more than 60% security problems are came from the user it self like internet behavior, their browsing habit or lack of computer and internet knowledge. These things might be just a simple tips, but this is what I’ve did all this time.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a security expert, just a low grade network administrator which some time fix problems and errors on client computers. All this tips are based on my experience handling clients since 2003.

Private mode web browser

When you’re on public computer, for example internet cafe or school library or even office computer, you should always use private mode browser for internet safety purpose. Especially if you want to sign in into internet services like Facebook, twitter or email. There is incognito Window on chrome, Private Window on Firefox, Private browsing on safari and InPrivate Browsing on Internet Explorer. On private mode, your session and data will not be stored on local computer. It will be deleted every time you close the private browser. If you open a new private browser after closing the old one, you’ll not see your old browsing session, including history and login information.


Eye catching, but don’t touch

Keep focus on what you’re browsing for on internet at that moment. If you see something fishy, colorful banner with interesting words inside which is not related to things you search about, keep your button away from it. As many of our clients said that they were infected by viruses after they clicked on colorful banner.

Stay away from toolbar stuffs

If you install a free program, they usually offer you a toolbar or another additional program which is not related to the program you’re about to install. You’re free to choose to install this additional browser toolbar or not, but careful because some of them could be a adware, spyware or even a malware. You’ll know that your computer is infected with malware or spyware if you see your browser full with unknown toolbar.


Password, the unique the better

As the title said, create a unique password. Combine letters, numbers and allowed special characters on it. Put at least 8 characters on your password, the longer the better. Swap letters to similar numbers so you can easily remember the password. For example S to 5 or $, A to @ or 4 and etc.

Different account, different password

Do not use the same password for different accounts. Do not use the same password on Facebook and email used to login on Facebook. As we all know most of online services require an email and some email provider also ask you to add an alternative email or backup email. This is important to keep all those accounts on different passwords, just in case your account got compromised, you can request for recovery information on your backup email.

Do not write down full password

If you write down all your passwords to a document or text file, do not write all full sentence. Hide some of it into asterisk characters so that only you know the full password. For example if your password is “1h@ve4inchmonit0r”, write it down as “1h@ve*********t0r”. It will be like a strong clue to you where you the only one who understand the clue.


Yes you must write down all your passwords

It’s important to save your password somewhere else on your computer. Especially if you have many accounts and all using different password. You don’t want your Yahoo account be locked because you fail to enter the right password right? So if you lost your password, you can easily find it on your documents. For safety reason, do not put your password documents on public computers.

Use 2nd login verification

If you don’t know, you can now use 2 layer protections on Google account, Facebook, twitter, Yahoo, MSN and some other online services. This feature add phone as 2nd authentication method. When someone trying to login from unknown computer, they will send a code to your phone. Some services like yahoo and MSN allow you to chose alternative email as 2nd authentication method. You want to keep your account safe, you should enable this feature.

2nd login verification

Never ever share account info

As the title said, don’t you ever share your account information into anyone. My office mate got her Facebook compromised after her friend using her Facebook on internet cafe and forgot to log out afterwards. You friends might doing well keeping your account info safe, but sometime they don’t. So for internet safety reason, keep your account info for your self.

Spam is spam

Just ignore spam folder on your email. There should be some reasons for incoming emails that flagged as spam. Most of them are junk mails, scam and could also be attached by viruses, malware, spyware or even keylogger. If in any case you have to browse into spam folder searching your friend mail, remember to stay away from the attachment files.

About credit card

Don not give your credits card number to unknown peoples or online web store, buy stuffs only on known popular online shop. If possible use legitimate 3rd party payment services such as Paypal and Google Wallet. This will keep your credit card information safe.

credit cards

Why peoples hate antivirus

I’ve got many friends that keep their computer unprotected from viruses. If they brought a new computer they will keep it like that and add only few programs to support their work. They came to me later after their computer crushed by viruses. Why they hate antivirus?. This program will only eat some small computer resources while it give a great benefit on computer. You’re not one of them aren’t you? Antivirus will help you fighting spyware, malware and could also detect keylogger which is one of the most popular stealing tools. You want to stay safe on the internet? make sure you install antivirus on your computer.

Always updating your Facebook status? update also your antivirus

Updating antivirus definition is an important things. Though some antivirus will automatically update their definition, but if in any case you can’t keep auto update virus definitions, say that you got no internet connection, just don’t forget to update the definition next time you got your internet connected.

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