Things that might be important after installing WhatsApp on BlueStacks

March 23, 2013 @ 24 Comments

Last year i wrote about installing WhatsApp on windows 7 through BlueStacks. I suppose for some old users, they’ve might already moved to real smartphone. Well, smartphone prices now getting cheap and cheaper. Anyway if you’re a new WhatsApp user (especially with BlueStacks) you might want to know several things that might be useful for you.

Add Friends

The first thing you need to do is add contact or fiends to your WhatsApp in order to chat or do group chat. I already mentioned about it on my earlier post (contacts and group chat) so i guess you have it done already before you read this article. Simply click show menu and navigate to contact click menu again and then choose New contact. If you have several account, you might be asked for on which account this contact will be created.

WhatsApp show menu button

Changing profile picture or name

Profile picture on WhatsApp just like an identify of you that will be shown on every friends on your contact. To change profile picture and name, simply click on Show Menu, choose Settings, click on Profile from the list and then click on image to change profile image. You can choose to use picture from Gallery or get it from Web Cam directly. If you want to use picture from computer you must use alternative ways. That is using cloud storage account such as DropBox or Google Drive and direct accessing shared folder. Click on pencil on the right side of your current name in order to change name.

WhatsApp profile setting

New WhatsApp Status

Like a facebook status, sometime you want to share what you’re up to right now. Like what’s you’re doing or where you are at this moment. To change status, click on Show menu, and then navigate to Status. Now click on pencil icon on the right side to edit your current status.

enter to send message

Set Enter to send message

If you noticed that you have to press Send button in order to send message every time.  This would not be a problem in real smartphone, but not if you’re on BlueStacks (computer). You have to click the button every time you want to send the message. To change it to Enter button on keyboard, click on Show menu, Settings and then Chat settings. You’ll see in the first line “Enter is send”. Check on the right checkbox to activate. You can now simply press Enter button on keyboard to send message.

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24 Comments → “Things that might be important after installing WhatsApp on BlueStacks”

  1. shazia

    how can i instal whatsapp in my laptop window 7

    • M Riza

      I already mentioned the link on above article. But if you can’t find it, please click here.

      • Dipti

        Hi Riza
        I m getting problem with my bluesatcks for marathi or hindi font it dosen’t have these font plz help

  2. Strike101

    have you tried Jar of Beans ? works pretty fast when compared to bluestacks…

    • M Riza

      I already heard about jar of bean and there is also Windroy that run Android on Windows kernel which they said work pretty fast. I have BlueStacks and AndroVM installed on my computer at this moment. But I’ll find out about this jar of bean later and hope WhatsApp work on it.

  3. Tab

    Hi. If Whatsapp is open via Bluestacks and it’s just in the background (you are using Word or surfing for example), what would your status be? Would your friends see “Last seen…” or would you appear “Online” still?

    • M Riza

      It’s work just like android. WhatsApp will still running until you close bluestacks completely and you’ll still receiving message whenever someone send you a message.

  4. Pankaj

    When I am clicking on “add contact”, it is giving error “Application Failure detected, please try again”… suggest me any solution

    • M Riza

      Hi, since i can’t find “add cutton” on my current BlueStacks (i can only find “new contact” button), so i presume you’re using an old version of BlueStacks.
      I suggest you to upgrade BlueStacks to the latest version fist, and i hope it solve your problem.

  5. Pankaj

    I am using the latest one only. It is new contact button only. And even when some one has messaged me, and I click on “Add”, then a pop up appears asking adding to new or existing contact, I m clicking on “new”, but nothing happens afterward.

    • M Riza

      Hi, not sure if this would work on you, but first make sure that you already add Google account into BlueStacks, otherwise add one. To do this click on Settings button (bottom right menu), manage account, add account and choose Google. After you add Google account, try add new contact.
      If problem persist i guess another option is by install contact app like contacts+, and use that app to manage WhatsApp contact. I hope this could solve your problem.

  6. Pankaj

    I uninstalled bluestack and reinstalled it again, and now it is working. Thanks.

    • M Riza

      Ah.. nice, why didn’t i think about that one. Well, It’s nice to hear that you solve your problem.

  7. Girish Shah

    My webcam is working fine on PC but its not working on Whatsapp or in WeChat
    what could be the reason?
    Please guide

    Girish Shah
    Ratlam MP India

    • M Riza

      Hi, not sure if this could help you out.
      Open regedit, and look into :
      Find camera, and see if value = 1.
      If not, change it to 1 and restart BlueStacks.

  8. Girish Shah

    Thanks for reply but not yet working… it was 1 I first made it zero again restarted BlueStacks and again changed it to 1 and again restarted still its not working… Hindi Fonts (Mangal etc ) are also not displaying in both WeChat and Whatsapp my BlueStacks is for Windows (Beta-1)

    • M Riza

      Hi, i just realized that my webcam also not working on BlueStacks now. I remember it still working on April.
      I just Update to new version recently so i guess, webcam is not working on latest BlueStacks.
      I also check on their support forum and see several peoples reporting the same.

      • Girish Shah

        Thanks.. so I hope they will come with some updates… any idea abt Hindi fonts?

      • M Riza

        About Hindi fonts, i’ll quote a reply from bstk support forum.

        Currently, we dont support malayalam. Your feedback is very valuable to us and we will try to consider this change for a future release, if possible.

  9. Girish Shah

    Hi Mr M Riza,

    Did u find the solution .1 of Hindi Fonts 2. Webcam issue

    • M Riza

      Unfortunately there still no update regarding webcam problem.
      And about hindi fonts, check out the following official help forum There’s an official reply from BlueStacks employee.

  10. Amrutha

    In the contacts list, i’m able to see all the contacts. How do i know if they are online or not? only when i click the contacts name, i get the last seen. Is there no other way to see who all are online like in gtalk?

  11. arkana

    hi Riza;
    would you please help me, when i chat in whatsapp, my keyboard is always error typing letter “a”.
    there is something like copy, cut & paste mode appears in the text bar when i type letter “a”


  12. Ramsingh

    I have installed bluestack in my pc and oprate whatsapp. but i m anable to read hindi
    message. Hindi message is not beingh displayed. Tell me how to read hindi message.

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