Ping might be able to keep gsm signal to stay HSDPA

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I’ve been using mobile internet since 2009 and already tried 3 different GSM networks so far. But what we can say about cheap public services which are used by hundred and maybe thousand of customers, stability become their main problem. Well, if you wanna have a stable network and you have plenty of money to spend every month you can buy a better network which offer a dedicated network.

But I’m a mobile user, so i will stay this way.

3G, HSDPA on GSM ping trick

Anyway, i read some articles telling about tweaking network things in order to keep their internet as fast and stable as they can. Some of them indeed working but my problem remain unsolved, the unstable HSDPA signal. Modem signal will turn to WCDMA (3G) if there’s no network activity or low activity. Which mean if you download or working on something that use higher network activity, it will turn to HSDPA (If you play online games and your modem signal suddenly turn to WCDMA, you know what will happen).

hsdpa ping trick

The trick is to use PING as a background activity and send a higher buffer size to a host.

PING -t -l 200

Depend on your network, you can start by sending 150 bytes packet to a host and moving higher if you still getting WCDMA (3g) signal. I hope this trick work on you, because it’s 100% working for me.

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