Ubiquiti M2 devices for Hotspot, Clients can’t connect

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Although Ubiquiti is not a band new Wireless device, but we just start to use this wireless device in this month. Previously we stick with Mikrotik Wireless and Router for several years. Also some Linksys flashed with DD-WRT and TP-Link wireless for Indoor purpose. Recently we decided to try Ubiquiti because many friends suggest us to apply this devices in our environment.

We work on an environment with many buildings around and rooms inside are divided with a thick wall. If we put a Linksys or TP-Link in our office room and  then we go to 3 room next to us, we can’t find the signal anymore. So, it’s kinda hard to put a single hotspot to serve a large area in our office. All this time we put a single hotspot to serve 2 or 3 office rooms, while we has more than 20 office rooms and  more than 50 classrooms. For max throughput purpose we decided to connect all wireless through LAN cables circling our office and for longer distance building we use a P2P 5GHZ wireless using Mikrotik as the link.

Ubiquiti devices

So we bought 6 Ubiquiti devices consists of 3 Unifi AP, 2 Bullet M2 HP and one NanoStation M2 last week. We have no problem configuring all devices especially Unifi AP. With a single application we can control 3 devices all at once. All devices are set to its maximum power and performance. The signals are great, covering nearly 60% of our office room and classes.

Unifi ap

But there is always a problem for a new things. After all devices successfully mounted, nobody can connect or associated into all M2 devices (Bullet M2 HP and Nanostations M2) and i saw only a few users connect to Unify AP. It’s confusing, we had more than 300 registered hotspot users and usually more than 60 active users stay on the hotspot everyday.

more than 60 active daily users

After more than an hour searching and asking we finally found the problem:

  1. AirMAX must to be set to disable. You can find this setting on the first Tab (tab with Ubiquiti logo) and Un-check AirMAX (this is the first things that i thought could solve our hotspot throughput problem on multi users).
  2. You can keep Channel Width to 40 MHz, but this will be a problem for old laptop or wireless and also some mobile devices. So you have to set Channels to 20 MHz in order to support older client devices. As a result we get only half of max throughput rate (Max TX Rate) from the devices.
  3. Another suggestion form our friends, you should also disable Aggregation and Extra Reporting in Advanced tab.

Disable airmax

That’s it, now i see more clients connected to the hotspot through Ubiquiti wireless. To bad that most of our clients are using old laptop or wireless devices, so we can’t not fully use the Ubiquiti max performance by using higher Channel width. But the good thing is, the 6 devices already covered nearly 60% offices area especially wireless with Bullet M2 HP using 8db omni antenna.

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