Create pdf files from MS Word in 2 ways

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Yesterday an office mate ask me how to create pdf files from word documents. It’s a bit surprising because i thought everyone know about this simple task. Especially when you’ve your own computer since several years ago and been playing with internet ever since. There is a lot of tools, a lot of freeware, you can also find some online tools that can help you create pdf for free.

As far as i know, there are 2 ways for you to create pdf from word document that is Save as PDF and XPS add in from Microsoft and print as pdf using Bullzip.

Save MS Word to PDF

This is an Add in for MS Office 2007, officially created by Microsoft. Simply download an add-in from Microsoft website, install and a new sub menu will be created under Save As menu on MS Word.

new sub menu

Now whenever you want to create pdf file from current word document, you can simply publish the document by choosing save as PDF or XPS menu. This menu will also available to several other MS office programs including Excel and Power Point.

publish options

To convert certain or specific page(s) on MS Word, you need to open Options during saving and fill or select pages on pages options. This options button located above the Publish button.

Print as PDF with Bullzip

The different between Bullzip PDF pritner and save as Microsoft add-in is that you can print all printable documents into PDF with Bullzip, for example web pages and text documents. While Microsoft add-in only available for MS Office programs.

smaller size same source

Also i saw Bullzip create a smaller size than the one that created by MS Word add-in even though Minimum Size options is selected during publishing. The above screenshot showing the same Word documents converted into pdf but getting different size result. So i suggest you to use Bullzip to create pdf files from MS Word for online publishing.

new printer

Download the free version from Bullzip website and install afterwards. During installation make sure install Ghostscript and xpdf are checked on. When installation finished you’ll see Bullzip PDF Printer listed on printer list. You can now convert or print any documents into pdf by using this printer. You may also want to read how to scan printed documents into pdf using LibreOfice.

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