How to email a document in various ways and services

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I believe most of us know how to email a document, but sadly many of others are still confused on it.  I wrote this post because I received an email last night from a coworker. The email was contained texts which i believe was pasted from Microsoft Words document into email body. There’s always new people who have just learn how to get the “@” thing between their username and the mail provider domains (remind me of myself 10 years ago). So i just replay and told him how to properly send a document with email.

Basically you just need to find an Attachments button, the rest of steps are as easy as opening document files on Microsoft words. Moreover you can attach another files others than documents, such as video, photo, compressed files and etc (depend on mail provider files and size policy). Let’s find the location of each attachment button or links of various email provider and email client applications.

How to email a document with Google Mail

Gmail Attachments

On Gmail compose page, the Attach button is placed bellow the subject form.

How to attach document with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail attachments

You can see the attachments button placed bellow the subject form on Yahoo compose page.

Using Msn main (Hotmail) to send document

hotmail attachments

Same as Yahoo, the attachments links place bellow the subject form on Hotmail.

How to email a documents with MS Outlook

MS Outlook Attachment

On MS Outlook the attachment button is placed on the Message tab in the Include section.

Attaching Documents with Mozila Thunderbird

Mozilla thunderbird attachment

Last the attachment button is placed above the sender mail form.

The attachment button usually marked with paper clip icon except for Gmail, Gmail only use a single link. You’ll be asked for a location of document or file which will be included as an attachment. The receiver will need to download the attachment in order to work with the document (in some case of files i.e. images and pdf files, the attachments are visible directly in the email). You can attach many files at once depend on file size policy given by the email provider, this way you don’t need to write new email for every documents you want to send.

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