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If you’re looking for a way to scan documents or pictures into pdf, you can use LibreOffice as a free scan to pdf tool. LibreOffice bundled with several office application such as Writer for Word processing, Calc for spreadsheet, Impress for presentation and and Draw for Diagramming and Charting Tool. Most of them has an ability to import picture directly from scanner and also able to export their documents into PDF. As all we know, LibreOffice is an alternative for MS Office which is available for multi platform OS including Windows and Linux. So i suppose this should be working also in Linux, but i’ve not tested it, maybe later.

You can find the menu on Insert menu, Picture and then Scan sub menu. On this post i’ll show you how to do it in very simple way using LibreOffice Draw. Please note that scanner application tool may vary depend on your hardware and OS (Windows or Linux). In my case, I’m using Canon MP280 all in one scanner printer (WIA-WIA Canon MP280) installed on Windows 7.

Scanning Documents or Pictures

  • Turn on your scanner.
  • Put the document or picture you want to scan on scanner.
  • Open LibreOffice Draw (Start->LibreOffice x.x->LibreOffice Draw), a new blank page will be shown.
  • On Insert menu navigate to Picture -> Scan and Select Source.

scan to pdf : select source

  • Select your scanner name from the list and then click Select (this step will not show any effect, we just choosing a scanner).

select source scanner

  • Now if you’re ready to scan, navigate to Insert -> Picture -> Scan  and select Request.
  • A scanner tool will be shown, click on Preview to preview the document before scanning.
  • Fix layout by editing crop area, if you ready then click Scan.

preview before scan

  • An image will be imported into LibreOffice Draw page.
  • Set the document size and position to suit your need.
  • To add a new page simply click on the page on left page list, and press enter.

Export Scan to PDF

Now that you have your documents or pictures imported into LibreOffice Draw, you can now continue exporting all of them into PDF.

  • On LibreOffice Draw File menu, click Export as PDF.

export as pdf menu

  • An options windows will appear, you can simply click Export to start exporting.
  • Now select the export location, and click Save.

You can also use this method using other Office tools on LibreOffice, for example Writer and Calc. Well, that’s it, a free way to scan document into pdf using LibreOffice, have a nice day and have fun.

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