Simple poster scale printing with LibreOffice Calc

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One day, boss ask me to print a large poster scale chart which will be placed on the wall as a temporary announcement. I remember that spreadsheet application (such as LibreOffice Calc, OpenOffice Calc and Ms Excel) has an ability to scale print so i recreate the chart and print it with max scale (400%), next i tried to scale picture with it and its work like a charm.

The problem is, we don’t have a big size paper printer, so the print result is spilled into several pages. All i did is rearrange the paper into the billboard. For daily announcement this poster scale printing is really useful, old man with eyes problem can read it easily.  If you wanna know how, here’s the detail.

poster scaling

  1. On the LibreOffice Calc Format menu, click page.
  2. On the page tab select your page size, orientation and set all margins to 0 (zero), a warning will appear, click yes.
  3. Disable header and footer on header and footer tab.
  4. On the Sheet tab set the scale factor to 400% and then click OK.
  5. Select all cells by clicking top left corner or pressing CTRL+A.
  6. Set Column width as lower as possible by right clicking Column title (try not to lower so we can still see the grid lines, 5 pt is fine fine for me).

Do the same to the row style

  1. Now import the object or insert picture you want to scale.
  2. See the pages grids, try resize the object or picture to fit the pages.
  3. Print.
poster scaling libreoffice

I’ve found it easier and simple to scale printing anything you put on the LibreOffice Calc sheet like a Chart and Pictures or any objects you can print trough it.  Please note that this  scale not for regular texts and tables, because we have to adjust the Column width and Row height as low as possible to maximize the scaling.

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