Simple Excel merger (single worksheet and small files only)

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I received so many unpublished question regarding merging multiple excel files with macros, some of them ask about things that i don’t understand. Please understand that I’m not an expert on this Excel Marcos stuff since i also got the trick from friend. But i’ll do my best to find the answer and reply to all unpublished questions/comments.

Anyway i decided to share our tiny Excel merger tool that we created several month ago and we used to use it to merge small excel files on our daily office work — we called it Oa Excel Merger. Well, this is not a perfect tool because it can only do a simple merging task, can only merge first sheet of every excel files and copy them all into a new file (similar to whats macros code did on my previous post).

Oa Merger on Youtube

Oa Excel Merger require MS Office Excel installed on your system (MS Office 2007 Recommended). All merging process are done thought MS Excel. Which mean MS Excel did all the merging, this tool act only as a simple excel file manager. You can either hide or show the MS Excel Window during merging process by enabling this feature on options menu.


  • Custom rows and columns copy
  • Customize for single or multiple files
  • Drag and drop excel files
  • Support xls and xlsx files
  • Save/Open List

Drag and drop excel files


  • MS Windows OS (Tested on Windows 7)
  • MS Excel (Office 2007 recommended)

Known Problems

  • Can only process the first worksheet
  • Sometime dropping more than 100 files at once into list will cause the program to close
  • Huge excel files will cause application to not responding
  • Merging will stop if it reach 1 million rows (worksheet limitation read here)
  • Merging process are running slower than macros trick



While this is not a great excel merger tool, we hope it can be useful to anyone.  Now it’s your choice to choose between pasting macros code into Excel macros editor or just dragging Excel files into our simple merger tool. Both of them work well for us –have a nice day and have fun.


There is a new tool to merge spreadsheets documents named Oa Spreadsheets Merger (OSM), doesn’t require Ms Excel and support xls, xlsx, ods (open spreadsheet documents) and csv.

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    Hi! The link does not work. Can you update it?


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      Updated, added dropbox link.

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